Five murders in first 20 days

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There have been at least five murders in the first 20 days of the year with Berbice, ‘B’ Division taking the lead with three.  Last year during the same period ‘D’ Division kick started with three murders alone, between the period, January 1st to January 20th.
On January 7th last the body of security guard Jagdat Ramcharran, 61 was discovered bound and gagged at the Iskcon Hari Krishna Mandir at Block 6 Williamsburg, Corentyne, Berbice. To date no one has been arrested.

Dead: 29-year-old Patricia Bacchus

Initially the police had arrested a man from the area but it turned out there was not enough evidence to press charges.
Meanwhile relatives are claiming that prior to his death Ramcharran had complained to his wife that the very suspect made numerous threats to him. Reports were allegedly made to the police about the threats but no action was ever taken. There are also reports that another caretaker had moved out of the Mandir three days prior to the murder after he too was being threatened by the man who was detained for Ramcharran’s murder.
According to information, on January 7th last at around 03:00 hrs, a worshipper who would visit the temple in the early morning to worship, arrived at the temple for his usual devotion. Upon arriving he would usually be greeted by the watchman who would open the gate.
But when the man arrived no one came to greet him and the gate was locked. After making several calls and getting no response, he scaled the fence and to his horror he noticed the watchman lying on the ground with his hand and feet bound.
A few days later detectives were called to duty at Angoy’s Avenue where a man hacked his reputed wife to death. On January 16th last Narindra Thakoor chopped 29 year-old Patricia Bacchus to death, almost severing her neck in the process.
Initially Thakoor was arrested after investigators claimed that there was no indication that Thakoor had ingested poison as was told to them by relatives of the dead woman. Later in the day while in police custody Thakoor had to be rushed for medical attention where he later succumbed.

Dead: 65-year-old Jagdat Ramcharran

Mere days later another murder was reported in the Berbice Division as the bound and gagged body of 70-year-old pensioner, Jasmatty Puran, was found in her home at Guava Bush, Albion, Corentyne. Puran’s body was found on Saturday January 19 last. Her home was ransacked and there are reports that the woman may have been sexually assaulted.
After calls to Puran’s home went unanswered, a nephew, Jagdeo Ganesh went to check on her. Ganesh told relatives that when he arrived at Puran’s home he noticed the gate and the door were open and he went into the yard calling out for her but he got no answer.
According to Ganesh, as he was leaving the kitchen he noticed her feet protruding from an area near the fireside. He went closer and saw Puran lying on the ground with her face covered with a piece of cloth and her hands bound. The woman’s body also bore bruises. An alarm was raised and other relatives raced to the scene. To date four persons have been detained to assist with investigations. One of the men detained is said to be a deportee who was also detained for Ramcharran’s murder.
Meanwhile  ‘A’ Division recorded its first murder on January 11th last with a male commercial sex worker, 19-year-old Wesley Holder, called ‘Oraysha’ or ‘Tiffany’ of 65 Cross Street, Werk-en-Rust being found dead in the compound of St. Phillips Green.
This publication was told that the man’s body bore wounds to the back of the neck, throat and wrists. There were other marks of violence on the body.

Dead: 70-year-old Jasmatty Puran

Holder was last seen alive at around 21:00 hours on the day before the discovery in the company of another sex worker. Two persons were detained but no charges were laid. Meanwhile, relatives of the dead man are of the opinion that not enough is being done to capture the killers. Police had indicated that a knife and freshly used condoms were removed from the scene. However there has been no indication that DNA testing will be used in an effort to solve this case.
And in ‘F’ Division at least one murder was reported while there are reports of two decomposing bodies being found. On Friday John Friday aka Chris, of Culvert City, Lethem, was found dead in the RDC compound.
The 43-year-old security guard was attached to the Strategic Action Service Limited which provided a service for the Region Nine Administration.
This newspaper understands that shortly after 20:00hrs on Friday, two unidentified men entered the RDC compound and attacked Friday and his colleague identified as Rudolph Bernard.  The perpetrators assaulted the two men and quickly turned them into hostages. Both victims’ limbs were tied and they were gagged with pieces of cloth.  They were placed in separate rooms within the RDC building, where Friday died. Four persons are currently in police custody and some $4 M recovered and it is believed that the money was stolen during the robbery.



Dead: 19-year-old Wesley Holder

Dead: Narindra Thakoor

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