Drunk minibus driver leads Police on high-speed chase

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A high speed chase early yesterday morning involving a drunk and unlicensed minibus operator and a police rank on motorcycle ended at Coldingen with the bus turning turtle several times before landing in a dried out drain.

The fate of the minibus after the high speed chase.

The chase began at Mon Repos some six miles from where it ended, after the minibus operator tried to escape apprehension for an earlier accident.
The owner of the minibus, who was reportedly driving the vehicle at the time of the chase, was taken into custody at the Vigilance Police Station, where a breathalyzer test revealed that he was way over the prescribed alcohol limit.
He is not the holder of a driver’s licence.
In the presence of several eyewitnesses, he admitted that he was indeed drinking all night Saturday into yesterday morning.
Yet he still attempted to solicit passengers at the East Coast Demerara bus park before heading to his destination at Enmore.
While on the way up the East Coast Demerara, the bus came into contact with another vehicle at Ogle but the driver failed to stop.
The driver of the other vehicle pursued him and the chase continued through Mon Repos where a policeman on a motorcycle joined in.
Although, he was signaled by the cop to stop, the errant minibus driver drove even faster, endangering the lives of several other motorists.
“De man nearly clean up a set of people pon de pedestrian crossing,” the cop later told his colleagues.
He tried desperately to keep up with the speeding bus which was veering in and out of traffic, but his motorcycle was no match.
Eventually, the driver of the minibus lost control of the vehicle as he tried to negotiate the treacherous Coldingen turn and after crashing into the aluminum rail the bus ended up in a ditch on the opposite side of the road.
Apart from the driver (owner) another man who normally drives the bus and a woman emerged from the overturned vehicle.
The man was taken to the Georgetown Hospital for medical attention while the woman went home unhurt.

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