Cops stage dramatic rescue…Arsonist abducts, stabs reputed wife in backlands

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A man who had torched his reputed wife’s home last December emerged from hiding at around 05:00 hrs yesterday to abduct and stab the 32-year-old woman in the Queenstown, Essequibo backlands, but quick action by police saved the day.
Lilawattie Dass was rescued from the Queenstown backlands shortly after being stabbed five times. She was admitted to the Suddie Hospital, while the suspect, identified as Linden Johnson, has been detained.
Police said that Johnson had been in hiding after torching Dass’ home on December 14, 2012. She has been staying at the home of her stepmother, Mala Sookra.
Speaking to Kaieteur News from the Intensive Care Unit, where she underwent surgery, Das said she and Johnson had been living together for the past five months.
The mother of one explained that at around 05:00 hrs yesterday, she went outside to use a washroom which is situated on the bottom flat of her step mother’s home, when Johnson, who was armed with a knife and cutlass, confronted her.
Dass said that she attempted to run away but Johnson overpowered her and she was forced to accompany her estranged reputed husband to the Queenstown backlands.
Fortunately, police had received a report about the abduction and ranks from a mobile unit cordoned off the area where she was being held. It is alleged that the suspect stabbed Dass when he realised that the police were closing in on him.
According to Dass, the fugitive cautioned the police not to come close but the ranks issued a warning to Johnson.
Dass said she then managed to push Johnson aside and run to the ranks. Johnson was then apprehended.
A police release said that Dass was abducted around 06.00hrs by a man with whom she had shared a common-law relationship unto December 2012, when he allegedly burnt down the house in which they lived and went into hiding.
“Today the man, who was armed with a cutlass, went to the home where the victim now resides and forcibly took her away into the backdam area. The police responded promptly to the report and went into the backdam where they rescued the woman and arrested the suspect.
The woman had marks of violence about her body and has been admitted to the Suddie Hospital, while the suspect is in police custody,” the release added.
In an unusual chain of events, a sister of Dass’ stepmother also had her house torched by an irate reputed husband last Friday in Queenstown, Essequibo.  The suspect also carries the surname Johnson, but is reportedly not related to the man who abducted Dass.
It is alleged that the 30-year-old Matthew Johnson torched the home of the mother of his child, Nelly Sookra. The two-bedroom house was built by Food for the Poor.
Ms. Sookra explained that her reputed husband came to her house Friday evening and greeted her and daughter with hugs and kisses.
“He asked me if I love him and I asked him the same,” Sookra related.
She added that Matthew Johnson then proceeded to offer her two hundred dollars which she refused.
The woman recalled that  her reputed husband, who appeared to be  drunk, began cursing her and her immediate neighbour, pensioner Curtis Austin, before he was seen kicking down the door.
Johnson later took a lighted kerosene oil lamp and threw it on Ms. Sookra’s bed, which went up in flames.
The woman said that they barely made it out alive.
It is alleged that Matthew Johnson was overheard boasting about carrying out the deed. He was apprehended shortly after at a cook shop in the village.
Arson charges will be soon instituted against Johnson, police said.

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