Regime change at West Dem. Hospital fostering improvement

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– Health Minister


In an attempt to improve the operations of the West Demerara Regional Hospital which has been the centre of a number of alarming developments in recent times, strategic measures have been put in place, said Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran.
He told media operatives at a recent press conference that among the strategic moves has been a regime change.
“We have ensured that there has been a regime change…the leadership of the hospital has been changed and it is now under a young vibrant doctor by the name of Dr Vivikenand Brijmohan.”
Dr Brijmohan, the Minister said, is required to report to him directly “sometimes three, four, five times a day on what’s happening not only at the West Demerara Hospital but at Leonora which is another little hospital we have to put in order.”
The Minister said that over the past few weeks the process of rectification and improving of services and the image of the health facility has intensified. However the recent death of 15-year-old Shemar Miggins at the hospital under questionable circumstances has since threatened to hamper progress.
According to the Minister, “I am particularly distressed at this time that the hospital has experienced this very, very unfortunate and distressful event.”
Despite its shortcomings, Dr Ramsaran said that since last year and particularly since the commencement of this year, the Region Three hospital has been able to relieve some pressure from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) by performing a number of caesarean sections.
A report on this development, according to the Minister, will be made available to reflect the impact of the support.
Evidently impressed by the developments that has occurred at the West Demerara Hospital, Minister Ramsaran said, “We wanted to bring the hospital to the media but now we have to be looking at this incident first.” He was at the time alluding to the recent death of the teenage boy at the hospital.
However, the Minister said there are plans to have the media interact with the officials of the hospital with a view to having them give an update of some of the things “they have been doing; some of the services that they have been extending even the extending of hours of service….”
In its ongoing quest to improve the West Demerara Hospital, the Minister said that efforts must be made on the part of the Health Ministry to work very closely with the Regional Democratic Council (RDC).
“When we are dealing with the regional hospitals especially in terms of infrastructure we are going to be having a review of the functioning of the hospital more intensely involving the administrator of the hospital and his medical and nursing staff,” said the Minister.
With this in mind, the Minister said that recent efforts were made to have discussions with the heads of the health sector within Regions Three, Four and Five which in fact characterised a partial Regional Health Officers Meeting.

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