Lethem security guard killed, three nabbed with $4M

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…millions stolen from Region Nine RDC

John Friday aka Chris, of Culvert City, Lethem, was believed to have screamed his way to death. The 43-year-old security guard was attached to the Strategic Action Service Limited which provided a service for the Region Nine Administration.
He who would have celebrated his birthday yesterday but one day earlier he met his demise while on the job, guarding the Region Nine Democratic Council (RDC) Office in Lethem.
This newspaper understands that shortly after 20:00hrs on Friday, two unidentified men entered the RDC compound and attacked Friday and his colleague identified as Rudolph Bernard.  The perpetrators assaulted the two defenceless men and quickly turned them into hostages. Both victims’ limbs were tied and they were gagged with pieces of cloth.  They were placed in separate rooms within the RDC building.
The perpetrators reportedly broke into the RDC Building and the Post Office. A cutting torch was used to cut open five safes from which an undisclosed sum of money was stolen, the police later reported.
The men then returned to the hostages, before making their escape.
At daybreak, rescue came but by then it was too late for Friday. However, his colleague was rushed to the Lethem Hospital where he was admitted and remains a patient nursing several head wounds. And though traumatized, Bernard is listed in a stable condition.
From his hospital bed yesterday, Bernard recalled the incident. He told Kaieteur News that he believes Friday screamed until his last breath.
According to the survivor, when he was initially tied up he screamed but soon stopped when he realized that it was of no use. However, he recalled hearing Friday’s screams for help for an extensive period.
Bernard said that after a while, the bandits revisited him and lit a match by his face, “but I close my eyes and didn’t move so they thought I was dead and they left.” Police visited the scene and took necessary statements.
A statement yesterday noted that “All police divisions were alerted.”
Around 08:15h yesterday, ranks at the Mabura Checkpoint stopped and searched a motor car. During the search over $4M was found hidden under the rear seat.
Two men and a woman who were in the vehicle have been arrested and are in police custody assisting with the investigations.

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