Dem boys seh…Sonny been thiefing since he small

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When dog accustom to suck egg it can’t stop. Sonny, de man who start Easy Come Easy Go was like that. Dem boys know he from small when he use to live in Brooklyn near de border with Queens.
He was bout ten when he go to school and start to carry home things every day. By de time he was 13 he mother use to ask he wha he bringing home tomorrow.
De boy was thiefing every day, picking up people things from de pave. He use to get in trouble too. From then he was a gangster.
One day he go to school wid a plastic gun. He did planning to rob somebody suh is not when he get big that he start robbing. Health Care hospital dem come late in Sonny life.
De teacher tek way Sonny plastic gun and call he mother. De woman was working suh she send a friend. De woman lef de school shame.
This is de same Sonny who brother did follow Sonny and pickup a gun. He get off. Dem boys seh that Sonny meet Bar Bee and learn more about de thing that get he in trouble.
He seh that dem big boys was always he friends because he can learn from dem. De only thing he ain’t learn is how to avoid arrest.
Bar Bee and Bar Rat use pick up things every day. When dem was boys dem use to pick up golden apple, mango and even coconut. One day de Rat pick up something that he thought was a valuable.
Was a man toilet that did back up and de man wrap up everything in a black plastic bag and put it at de side of de road. Dem boys seh that people mustn’t ask wha happen.
Dem boys now notice that people get accustom to wha happening that dem don’t even see when dem things get pick up. That is wha dem Americans don’t do.
Dem don’t get accustom to dem things and that is why Sonny in pickle. He Ass getting Thin. That, by de way, is why dem calling he Sonny Ass Tin Ramdeo.
Talk half and don’t pick up de other half.

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