Best villager lambastes residents for false allegation

January 19, 2013 | By | Filed Under News 

…accuses neighbours of ‘jealousy’


Kemol Roshan, the alleged owner of a “so called illegal workshop” situated at Lot 669 Plantation Best, West Coast Demerara says that he does not operate any workshop at his home.
Yesterday, a very upset Roshan visited this newspaper with his side of the story. He claimed that whatever he has at his property is not a workshop but it is in fact a garage.
He admitted that he has a generator in his garage but he said he only uses it whenever something needs to be done on his property.
Roshan said that he believes that his neighbours are after his family because of an ongoing land dispute. “First of all, that is now a garage, and the accuser is claiming that my exhaust pipe is a dozen feet away from his grandson’s bedroom but my exhaust pipe is about 20 feet away and it is in the air.”
According to Roshan, the neighbours claimed that they have made numerous reports at the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station and nothing was done. “I have my bail receipt to slow that my father was arrested on October 10, last, for an allegation made against him by the neighbours.”
He asked, “When there is no workshop then how can there be any noise. They are making allegations to damage our reputation.”
“How can you clean a pen with about seven yard fowls?” questioned Roshan while stating that his neighbours are joining hands to make his life miserable.

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