Goodbye to the cricket killers

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Dear Mr. Editor
I read recently that Otis Gibson, the current WICB Coach, plans to leave the lucrative position he presently holds with the WICB. Dr. Ernest Hillarie had earlier departed from the position of CEO and recently, President Julian Hunte suddenly indicated his intention not to seek re-election at the AGM of the WICB scheduled for March 2013.
This must be good news for all decent-minded Caribbean cricket fans. They should not have been there in the first place since they never had the development of WI cricket at heart.
Their only purpose was to look after themselves and implant a small island dominance into our cricket.
By establishing Darren Sammy as captain for life, Richie Richardson as Manager and ensuring that the islands get a huge share of tours and tournaments, particularly in Women’s Cricket, they appear to have completed their narrow objectives
President Hunte and his group depart with the WICB/ WIPA impasse still an issue, the cricket still in a mess, and the well-publicised Guyana situation still unresolved.
Like Chetram Singh, Hunte’s erstwhile comrade-in-arms, who after 20 years as President of the GCB uncaringly handed over Guyana’s cricket to a cabal of cricketing nonentities who hijacked our cricket, it is the greatest sin inflicted upon our national sport.
So, happy riddance to them all; for they will only be remembered by future generations for the dastardly role they played in the demise of WI cricket.
W. G. Boston

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