The high profile male lover of a murdered male prostitute

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Guyana is very poor and underdeveloped by even Third World standards. When students traveled to Trinidad and Jamaica when I lectured at UG, on returning they would say while we talked about their visit, “Oh God, Mr. Kissoon, Guyana is nothing compare to what I saw there.”
I hear that talk all the time, coming not from students only but all, I repeat of those who live here and happened to have traveled abroad.
The population is small by comparison. The Bureau of Statistic website stated that the census of 2002 showed Guyana’s population at 751, 223. Against these backdrops, this country’s social and political landscape will intrigue and fascinate any visitor for one simple reason – there is never even a fleeting moment where nothing happens and there is not a thing to interest the population.
Never ending dramas, tall tales, cascading stories, torrid conspiracies, spiraling rumours, relentless violent processes, unbelievable surprises and swirling controversies roll all over this nation daily like the mammoth waves that came across the Atlantic on Monday and covered the East Coast Highway.
In other words, there is never a dull moment in this poor, globally unknown, underdeveloped territory. You just don’t know where to begin the enumeration process. I once wrote that there is so much material that I can easily do two columns a day. Make that three. So where to start? There is the controversy of a Minister and his daughter’s book publication. Next comes an unbelievable political development in Linden.
There is a public exchange between the House Speaker and the Chief Clerk of the National Assembly where some not so diplomatic words have been used.
The House Speaker has publicly expressed reservations about the judiciary’s pronouncements involving the business of Parliament. Mention needs to be made of some exceedingly scurrilous amendments of the PPP parliamentarians to a Bill by the Opposition Leader calling for an investigation into the period where Guyana experienced an internecine crime epidemic.
Guyanese had to be shocked at the most horrible slaughter of a male sex worker. This is just a sample of the hair-raising occurrences the past few days. Of course the mean streak of the Government continues to strangulate the land.
I read in the newspapers where the publishing company that is funded by the State has just completed the publication of a number of Guyanese classics and the republication of a book containing a selection of speeches by Dr. Cheddi  Jagan. Two other Presidents’ have published similar books – Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte.
In fact, Mr. Burnham’s “A Destiny to Mould” (edited by Christopher “Kit” Nascimento; wonder how he feels today about Burnham now that he is close to the PPP Government) is one of the most known books on Guyana. When will this nonsense stop? If the State has a publishing company that prints famous books by famous Guyanese then if one of those famous Guyanese was from the PNC then fairness demand that if Dr. Jagan’s book can be reprinted then so should be Mr. Burnham’s.
One of the intriguing stories within recent days needs highlighting. It is the murder of a male sex worker, Wesley Holder. We knew him from the People’s Parliament because so many gays used to pass by the People’s Parliament and some would chat with us. Holder was one. Last Saturday evening, five of us from the People’s Parliament went to Leopold Street to offer condolences to his family and relatives. When I saw the pictures of his gruesome death, I turned away. The person who murdered Holder is a very, very, violent, sadistic creature.
The first thing I asked for was to see his cell phone but it was not available. I wrote about two years ago that a serial killer may be murdering his lovers. We had the case of the actor on the seawall by Liliendaâl and Adam Harris’s step brother on the Kingston seawall. They were killed in identical fashion.
I went to investigate the Kingston death. The murder took place just yards away from where there was 24 hours police guarding of the GT&T underwater cable that at the time was being placed under the Atlantic.
The two policemen told me they heard no screams. That cannot be true. They were lying. They just did not bother to investigate. The police failed to examine the phones of both victims. If they did, maybe they could have caught a serial killer of gay men.
We were told on Saturday night that Wesley Holder has footage of love-making between him and a very well known Guyanese professional. The police need to have Holder’s cell phone.

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