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Residents of Orealla, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) are complaining that the launch that transports produce and lumber from Orealla to coastal Corriverton is forced to moor alongside a plank at Corriverton because of the absence of a jetty or stelling there.
“There is no stelling or jetty at Corriverton and getting  to the shore from the Corentyne River is proving to be very tricky and dangerous especially with the large amount of agricultural produce and forestry products  we are bringing out for sale,” one villager said.

The community-owned MV Orealla

He added that it can also be time consuming especially if the community-owned MV Orealla arrives at Corriverton during the low tide since those on board will have to remain on board until the tide rises enough for the launch to get close to land.
“Then they have to literally walk the single plank from the boat to the shore with their produce as well as forestry products,” the aggrieved villager said.
The situation is even more dangerous on the return trip since the launch has to be boarded at high tide via the single plank and then two men have to swim out into the river to release the boat from its moorings some distance from the shore.
“Most times they have to do so in pitch black darkness,” he said.
He said that residents have complained about the situation to the Administration of Region Six as well as the Public Works Ministry.
Another resident said that he had been informed that some movement for the construction of a stelling on the Number 79 village foreshore at a cost of $100M may be imminent.
He added that his understanding was that this was dependent on whether funds would be made available in the 2013 budget.
“We at Orealla are hoping for the best,” he said.
Orealla is located some sixty miles inland from the mouth of the Corentyne River.
The residents are involved in farming and logging as income generating activities, selling some of their produce to neighbouring villages in Suriname but mostly bringing their commodities out  to Corriverton via  the M V Orealla.
There is no road linking Orealla and Corriverton.
Both residents who spoke with Kaieteur News said that  there has been increased production of agricultural items and forestry products  at Orealla  in recent years  making the  need for a jetty or stelling at Corriverton more urgent.
Residents are hoping that funds will be allocated this year for this facility which is considered to be very important to the increasingly productive farmers and loggers of Orealla.

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