Murder/suicide rocks New Amsterdam

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…as fisherman hacks reputed wife to death

An Angoy’s Avenue fisherman is currently in police custody after he hacked his reputed wife to death early yesterday morning.
Undertakers early yesterday removed the body of 29 year-old Patricia Bacchus from her Patrick Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam Berbice, home.

Dead 29 year-old Patricia Bacchus

According to reports the woman and her reputed husband, Narindra Thakoor, were heard arguing earlier in the morning. During the argument neighbours said the woman threatened to leave Thakoor. Shortly after the woman was heard screaming.
Persons told this publication that the man was seen armed with a cutlass and chopping the woman. The woman tried escaping but collapsed in the yard where she died. Her reputed husband then fled the house with a bottle of insecticide. However a police source said there was no indication that the man ingested the insecticide when he was arrested.
Late this evening there was word that Thakoor died in police custody. A source said that when he was arrested he was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where doctors said that there was nothing wrong with him.
However, around 17:00 hours, the man reportedly complained of feeling unwell. Soon after, he began to soil himself.
The police ranks rushed him to hospital where he reportedly died an hour later.
This publication was told that the couple had a very troubled seven-year relationship, which bore two children.
Reports are that Thakoor left his legally married wife and his four children to be with Bacchus. However, some time ago Bacchus reportedly left Thakoor and started a relationship with someone else. This publication was told that after much pleading Bacchus returned home with Thakoor because of their two young children.
The dead woman’s mother, Bhaspattie Rampersaud, called Leila, said that Bacchus was a housewife and is the second of five daughters.
The woman, who spoke to media operatives at the home where the incident took place, stated that after her daughter and her husband separated, she got into a relationship with the accused, Thakoor called “Dado”, 43, a fisherman. She said the relationship bore two daughters Vashnie, five, and Renita, three. The man, she said, already was the father of four sons, one of whom lives with him and is also a fisherman.

Narindra Thakoor

She stated that her daughter and her paramour would have regular misunderstandings, mainly over accusations of infidelity on both sides. She said that the situation got worse when her daughter moved out of the house in January and moved in with an 18 year-old at Number Two Village, Canje. The teenager was said to be Thakoor’s nephew.
“She left with one of the children while her husband kept the other”. Rampersaud said.
After a while Rampersaud said Thakoor went to collect the other child.
Mrs. Rampersaud stated from what she understands, Thakoor would from time to time make contact with Bacchus and that he begged her to return, but to no avail.
The woman said that she did not like what was going on so she decided that she would take her daughter home by her the very morning. She also had instructed one of her other daughters to accompany Bacchus home.
However only the other daughter arrived at her home and when she enquired she learnt that Bacchus had gone with her reputed husband to their Angoy’s Avenue home. Rampersaud said she was on her way to the couple’s home when she was informed via cellular phone that her daughter was dead.
The woman said she immediately disembarked the bus and boarded a car and headed to the scene. When she arrived she could not control her grief.  Her daughter lay sprawling on the ground in front of the house with her neck almost severed.
She said from what she understood not long after her daughter returned home, she and the accused got into a misunderstanding around 08:30 hrs. “She didn’t even take her clothes upstairs,” the woman said trying to hold back tears.
“I understand that he started on her since they enter the house. He jook she behind she neck.”
She said that her daughter on being injured, jumped over the verandah and landed on the ground, bleeding.
“The man then ran downstairs with a cutlass and chopped she neck right on the ground,” pointing to the spot drenched with blood.
The woman, who stated that she is already taking care of one of her daughter’s children from the earlier relationship, said that she will have to take care of the two small children, one of whom was at home when the killing took place.
Meanwhile police have recovered the weapon used to carry out the attack and investigations are ongoing.

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