GPL system shuts down again

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For the second time within the last two weeks, the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) suffered a shutdown of its Demerara network.
The power company said that the outages experienced Tuesday night, commencing at 23:12 hrs, were as a result of a shutdown of its 60 Hz system.
“This was caused by the failure of a cable at our Kingston 11 Wartsila Power Plant feeding one of our high voltage 13,800/69,000 volts transformers.”
The entire 60 Hz areas in Georgetown, the East Coast, East Bank, West Bank, and West Coast Demerara were affected.
“The power plant had to be kept off-line to allow for an inspection of the damage and to determine what was safe to re-energize. This activity delayed power restoration to sections of northern Georgetown which are supplied directly from this plant.”
According to GPL, it started repowering of areas about 30 minutes later, starting with areas on the East Bank and West Bank Demerara. Then followed by areas on the East Coast around 23:30 hrs.
Windsor Forest and Edinburgh were the last to be repowered at 02:47 hrs yesterday, GPL said.
“Further investigation is being carried out at the Kingston 11 Plant to determine the full extent and cause of the damage. GPL sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused.”

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