Financial enticement, executive spots being offered to clubs for votes – source

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With the recent FIFA / CONCACAF directive which stipulates that the Georgetown Football Association hold its Electoral Congress by January 19, 2013 (Saturday), sources close to the sport are hopeful that clubs affiliated to the Body are not swayed by purported financial enticement being offered by some on behalf of a few aspiring candidates for the Presidency.
According to one of the sources, a few persons have been attempting to coerce clubs into voting for certain candidates in exchange for financial rewards.
The source, who asked to remain anonymous, said that clubs’ representatives have complained of being approached by persons declaring their support for certain candidates, while promising financial reward or even a spot on the slate of the candidate’s executive.
However, the source claimed that many of the clubs have rejected the offer and have rightly declared that their votes will go only to an executive that has objectivity, integrity and a genuine interest in football development.
This, the source asserted, was the overwhelming view of nearly all the clubs affiliated to the GFA and they adamantly affirmed that only a candidate with those intentions will secure their votes come Saturday.
Many are hopeful that the FIFA /CONCACAF team that mediated in the ongoing impasse between the two factions continues to scrutinise the respective processes leading up to both the GFA and Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Electoral Congresses, with the aim of ensuring that their timely visit was not conducted in vain.
During a press briefing that was held to apprise the media of the decisions reached pertaining to ending the stand-off, both parties had echoed similar sentiments of ‘putting the game first’ and while many in the room wondered whether or not it was not another example of rhetoric, they were willing to give the two adversaries the benefit of the doubt. They felt that it was imperative that the process be afforded the opportunity to bear the desired results, failing which the next step would be to rid the sport of officials who continue to believe that the status quo should remain and persist in engaging in deceptive practices that could only serve to sully the good image of the sport.
The GFA’s elections, the source continued, is the real litmus test for the good intentions of FIFA / CONCACAF, after the two organisations promised to clean up the sport at the administrative level and penalise officials who are corrupt and have no real plan to abide by the rules that govern the sport.
The source added that “in an attempt to gain or maintain power, many resort to undemocratic practices”, but also believed that if the clubs remain vigilant and the respective executives understand the present scenario within the football fraternity, then that could be the ultimate defence against any attempt at trickery.

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