Dem boys seh…De Big Man give Bharrat a warning

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Bharrat get a warning de other night. De sea pay he a visit. Donald did see it coming and he decide that he going in de bush. He go far wheh he know that de water couldn’t reach he. He only come back when de tide go down.
But dem boys seh that Bharrat didn’t got nowhere to go so he stay in he house and he watch de sea. That is when he know that he shoulda lef some money fuh sea defence instead of tekking de money to do other things. Irfaat been in town when de sea decide to behave bad and he and all start fuh worry if it was coming fuh he house.
Dem boys willing to bet that in de near future dem gun see some ‘For Sale’ signs going up, and is good property that gun be put on sale. De only thing is that dem gun have to sell de property fuh less than dem buy it, unless is a foreigner gun come to buy because that happening. A Trinidadian buy Bharrat first house and he pay plenty money for it.
Brazzy sit down too and he start fuh wonder if de new hotel wha dem building gun also end up in de sea. He call out some engineers ,but all of dem was drinking at de time, suh he stand up pun de seawall alone and start fuh pray, not because is he money, but because is de money that he hope to mek when de hotel done.
De man above see wha happening and he sending a warning – a serious warning—that people got to stop de nonsense dem doing and think straight. Dem boys seh that this is just de first high tide fuh de year. Later in de year de tide does be more high and more bad, suh if people think this was bad, wait till de one in August.
Poor Donald gun have to find money fuh de sea defence when de other man shoulda do that long before.
Talk half and tek warning.

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