BUSC revokes membership of Dwayne Jacobs

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After being on a high and winning the historic MVP prize of a brand new car, Dwayne Jacobs has found himself without a club as of January 15, 2013.
Jacobs, who joined the Buxton United Sports Club in October of 2012 after leaving Alpha United FC and featured in the historic winning of the 23rd edition of the Kashif and Shanghai tournament following victory over Upper Demerara Football Association Amelia’s Ward United on New Year’s night, has had his membership of the club, revoked.
Following is the full text of the letter dated January 15, 2013 addressed to Dwayne Jacobs and signed by club Secretary, Eton Moses:
“The Management Buxton United Football (BUFC) is pleased to inform you that it is grateful for the services you have given to the club over the past months, however, your deportment as a member of the club is at odds with the club’s developmental agenda.
It is observed that your recent consistent insubordination and unprincipled behavior / attitude have brought club unity into disrepute. Hence, your Membership of the Buxton United Football Club has been revoked as of 15th January, 2013.
Best wishes for your future endeavours.”

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