New Guyana Horseracing Authority body installed

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– incoming president vows to take horseracing to a next level

The Guyana Horseracing Authority held its Annual General Meeting at the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club pavilion on Sunday, January 14th, 2013.  The meeting was attended by all seven (7) race tracks along with horse owners, trainers and other stakeholders.
The tracks present were allowed to engage in the voting process to reinstate the GHRA in full after a prolonging lapse in the sport’s governing body.
Mr. Cecil Kennard was nominated President.  His deputies will be Mr. Fazal Habibulla and Mr. Roopnarine Matadial.   Ms. Zenzie Goring will continue to serve as Secretary, the same position she served on the previous IMC.  Her assistant will be commentator and Organizing Secretary of Norman Singh Memorial Turf Club Mr. Compton Sancho.  Mr. Francis Chichester will continue to serve the post of GHRA Treasurer, while Mr. Dennis DeRoop of Simply Royal racing stables and Mr. Mohammed Sheriff of Sheriff Racing will represent horse owners.  Former racing jockey Mr. Ivan Dipnarine will represent the jockey’s.  Mr. Krishna Jagdeo, Mr. Dennis DeRoop, Mr. Lakeram Sookdeo and Mr. Lenny Singh will serve the body as committee members.
Mr. Kennard has vowed that his position as the head of the GHRA will see major changes forthcoming in Guyana’s horseracing.  The passing of legislation by the government to regulate the rules of the sport is the main agenda of the body.  Clubs were issued with dates that should be the official dates of racing for 2013 to avoid any reoccurrence of clashes that took place in the sport during 2012 between the Port Mourant Turf Club and Rising Sun Turf Club, who both had scheduled race meetings for December 30.  It took efforts by Director of Sport, Neil Kumar, to see the issue resolved.
Another hot topic that the body will address immediately will be the licensing of jockeys.  There is a growing concern that requirements need to be put in place that will see the body registering all the previously interested jockeys.  New jockeys will now have to be recommended by an owner, trainer or stable and meet the age requirement of 15 years of age providing they are still enrolled in school as to avoid breaking the governing child labour laws.
Proper stud records will be addressed to assist in the registration of locally bred animals ahead of them starting as a 2 year old with correct information of dam and sire.  It was brought to the authority’s attention that 2 and 3 year old horses born and bred in the USA can either race in an open event for their age, providing that they carry the required weight above the Caribbean imports, as this has been part of the revised draft registered rule of the body since 2002 but has been overlooked previously.
Also the horseracing website, Guyana was represented by its Guyana liaison officer Mr. Anil Bhola who requested the GHRA and all the clubs cooperate in getting and releasing information in a timely manner as to promote their product for free.  This is mainly to benefit overseas based racing fans and some locally.
In 2012 it was a hassle to acquire such information but yet with dedication the website, which just turned a year old in December, saw over 7000 hits.  These overseas fans mostly depended on Guyana as the only means of following Guyana horseracing in the wider diaspora.  Mr. Kennard and the clubs vowed that they will support the unbiased website since they welcome all publicity they can receive and thus signal how this might just be the thing to bring overseas sponsorship to the sport. (Anil Bhola)

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