Dem boys seh…De Govt can’t explain de GPC deal

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When Sonny who start up Easy Come Easy Go end up in jail dem boys didn’t know that de Feds had to search like if dem was looking fuh a needle in a haystack. Dem ketch de man hiding in a basement. But is he statement when he get ketch that had dem boys laughing, and de statement come out in court documents.
Sonny tell de people that he know he in trouble and that he know that nuff money missing. De feds didn’t even go to ask he how much.
This was de same Sonny who get Rosie fuh tell people how Sonny was talking to de Feds this time he hiding like a rat in a hole. Then he got de nerve fuh apply fuh bail. Well dem boys seh that right away de judge blink. De Feds did already tell him how dem spend nuff money searching fuh Sonny and how Sonny could getaway to Guyana.
Sonny got to  stay in jail. And this is only de start. De judge done tell he that every charge carry a 20 year jail term and is three charge. That mean that he ain’t gun see de light outside again fuh thief. But dem got some ah dem right in Guyana who doing all de thiefing and nutten ain’t happening. De parliament decide to examine de deal between New GPC and de Ministry of Health.  Some shocking things come out.
But that ain’t de wuss thing. All de government people running fuh defend New GPC like if is dem own. When Carl de Short One decide fuh allow de questioning, a government lady decide that he ain’t fit to be chairman.
One man claim how he gun encourage Bar Bee fuh sue a man who ask nuff question. Well Bar Bee got to sue everybody because dem boys got dem own questions to ask.
Dem, boys seh that it look like if dem people suh big that nobody should question. Well de news coming out and de Americans listening. Dem is people does act pun things that dem know is true.
Dem boys seh that de whole country must listen out fuh hear who visa getting tek way in de coming days. De story now start.
Talk half and wait fuh more pun de drugs deal

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