Banks DIH acquisitions show improved performance in 2012-Chairman

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Chairman of Banks DIH, Clifford Reis, announced that the group has continued the acquisition of major plant and machinery during last year. This enabled the reduction of the unit cost of the products  thereby contributing to the improved performance.
According to Banks DIH 2012 report,  as part of the ongoing modernisation and expansion programme, capital works included the addition of a state-of-the-art Krones 400 bottle per minute Soft Drink Plant, a shrink wrapper for the flavour mixing line, the Brew House upgrade and automation (including a malt handling system and additional fermenting tanks), a water treatment plant, equipment relating to the Rum Factory and the Bakery, Co2 Recovery System and additional trucks and forklifts to enhance our distribution fleet.
The report further stated that capital expenditure within the new financial year will include the acquisition of equipment for the Syrup Room CIP and sugar dissolving systems for the Soft drink Plant; further expenditure on the brewery/Cellars modernisation programme, pasteuriser, bottle depalletiser and case palletiser for the Beer Plant; filler/rinser, labeler and silos for the Water Plant; automatic ice cream filler and aging tanks for the production of Premium ice cream; further upgrade of the Co2 Plant; 800 HP boiler, water treatment plant, chill water system for the Central Service operation; additional trucks and forklifts also for the distribution fleet and building works related to the capital expansion programme.
The chairman’s report also noted that the Stabroek Sports Bar was completed and opened last October.

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