Abused woman fears husband might kill her

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Carolyn Torres-Ramoutar, 47, of 696 Best, West Coast Demerara is now fearful for her life and that of her five children, after being abused and further threatened several times by her husband of 13 years.
Ramoutar claims that her husband has threatened that whenever he is released from the lock-ups he will come after her and their children.

Carolyn Torres-Ramoutar

“He said that no matter how long he stay in prison he gon come out and kill me and we five sons and burn down we house.”
The woman, who claims to be a victim of constant abuse for over seven years now, explained that the last fight she had with her husband stemmed from a meal that he was not pleased with.
“We went good, good and I ask he what he want me to cook. We didn’t have money so he said honey cook what you have and don’t beg anybody for anything that he going out lil and will come back. So, he sister did give we two packs of ‘ramen noodles’. I take that and mix it with li’l rice that we had, and I “pressure” it with lil garlic. Now, me and the children bin eating when we hear a loud sound coming from the kitchen. After he see what I cook, he get angry,” Ramoutar explained.
She added that when she tried to calm the “drunk” man, he became more aggressive and started to look for a weapon. By that time the children ran out of the house and Ramoutar was brandishing a cutlass.
“He tried to chop me but I run. He keep saying that he gon murder me and I just keep running. I run by the bathroom and I grab a towel to cover meself properly and I run out to the police station (Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station). That is how my life was saved.”
By the time the police arrived, Leonard Ramoutar was nowhere to be seen. After a few hours however, he was arrested and taken into custody. The man subsequently appeared in the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrates’ Court on January 9 last. He was then remanded to the Camp Street Prison until his next court appearance on February 14.
Ramoutar related to Kaieteur News that while her husband is a good man at heart, he gets very violent when angry and when under the influence of alcohol.
“I don’t hate him. I still wish he would change, but at the same time I’m scared. He is a regular drinker, and every time he drinks he does come home and beat me. I am always going to work with my face “black and blue” and swell. I am just scared that if he get out he gon definitely kill me. He needs help. He got serious anger problems.”

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