Teenaged sex worker found dead in St. Phillips Church Green

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A male commercial sex worker, 19-year-old Wesley Holder, called ‘Oraysha’ or ‘Tiffany’ of 65 Cross Street, Werk-en-Rust was found dead in the compound of St. Phillips Green.  He had been murdered.

Dead 19 year-old Wesley Holder, called ‘Tiffany’ or ‘Oraysha’.

According to a police statement the man’s body was found around 08:25 hours yesterday. This publication was told that the man’s body bore a cut to the back of the neck, one to his throat and cuts to his wrists. There were other marks of violence on the body.
Holder was last seen alive around 21:00 hours on Thursday evening. Another sex worker who asked not to be identified said himself and ‘Tiffany’ were out on King Street doing business.
“When we went King Street and then I tell he leh we go to Subs and Salads to get something to eat. We went and when we come back three men come up to we and they say leh we go up High Street”.
The commercial sex worker identified the men, as one sporting dreadlocks, another with braids and the third being bald.
“I turn and I say me ain’t going nowhere cause I don’t deal with them low life but ‘Tiffany’ say she gone and she go with them and when they de walking away I see one show de other one he had a long knife, and that was the last I see me friend.”
The woman with whom the now dead Wesley Holder lived and who was described as his aunt said that they were very close. She said that she last saw Holder earlier on Thursday night, after pleading with him not to go out on the road.
Paula Niles said that she had a strange feeling and begged him to stay home.
“We went gaffing and he go inside put on he clothes and tell me he going out I say man why u don’t stay off the road and he say man I ain’t staying long. You ain’t see I aint even put on makeup,” Niles said.
The woman further related that early yesterday morning a man came to her and began enquiring about ‘Oraysha’.
“I say he must be inside sleeping but the man say how he hear ‘Oraysha’ went in some fight last night, so I send me niece to check at Brickdam Station but a li’l while after a man come and say how he hear how dey find a body in de churchyard and we must check see if is ‘Oraysha’.
Not long after Niles said her worst fears were confirmed as she found her nephew’s badly battered body.
They woman wept while she recalled that her nephew was a very loving person and in spite of his lifestyle he did not deserve such a death.
Niles said she is at a loss about a possible motive for her nephew’s murder.
“He was very close to me; he would tell me anything, Wednesday night he come home and he bring a boy in de yard name ‘Dougla’ and he tell me how Dougla come outa prison about three days ago.”

The dead man’s aunt Paula Niles being consoled by other relatives after the discovery of the body.

Niles said nothing seemed amiss since she had met ‘Dougla’ some time last year when her nephew brought him to the house and introduced him as his boyfriend. Further the woman said only a few weeks ago her nephew was before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to answer a charge of assault.
“He and a woman had a story and later the woman come and say how she man planning to do ‘Oraysha’ something. Is so much things; we don’t know is what really responsible for he death.”
The man’s death sent shock waves throughout Cross Street. Many people wept openly and some fainted.
Meanwhile, a source close to the investigation told this publication that they are working on the theory that Holder was lured to the area where his body was found. This was concluded since freshly used condoms and the man’s slipper and a knife were found under a tree close by.
Up to press time yesterday no one was arrested.


Crime scene ranks combing the area early yesterday morning.

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