Guyana Boxing Board of Control delighted with Guyana Fight Night results

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Plans broad based strategies for new dispensation

President of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC), Peter Abdool, is adamant that local pugilists have progressed satisfactorily over the past year. Notwithstanding, he believes that the Guyana Fight Night (GFN) initiative has transformed their fortunes and by extension, achieved its initial objectives.  “I believe that success of the GFN has impacted on the dynamics surrounding boxing and the sport has evolved quite dramatically during its three years existence,” he posited.

Peter Abdool

The GBBC boss feels that the success story has been enigmatic and perplexing, producing its own set of dynamics. He said that administrators have not just enhanced the fortunes of young fighters but have made it possible for intermediate fighters to compete for regional titles while those that were regional titleholders are now perched to challenge for world titles.
“All three levels must operate simultaneously if they are to be effective,” exhorted Mr. Abdool. He pointed out that such achievements stemmed from the hard work of his executives in the promotion of debut fights right up to championship bouts. Additionally, the GBBC boss said that this requires a special skill that culminates with the fighters attaining world ranking while minimizing the risks.
Mr. Abdool said that boxing officials are currently contemplating a much wider range of objectives starting with the GFN. He said that the initiative is geared to ultimately produce world champions and must evolve to meet the changing needs of the sport if the momentum is to be maintained and the objective met. Among some of the immediate aims and objectives are enhancing the fortunes of World Boxing Council, Caribbean Boxing Federation (WBCCABOFE) champions in the acquisition of lucrative ratings in that and the WBC World Titles. To improve the lot of intermediate and local champions by arranging fights for regional titles even as officials retain the core principles of GFN.
Boxing administrators also plan to continue the high activity level in order to enhance the records of local pugilists, while providing much needed exposure and experience, not only for them but for their auxiliary staff including handlers, cut men, coaches, referees, judges, supervisors, commentators, announcers, ringside physicians, film crews as well as reporters.
Amateur boxers also stand to benefit from the largesse of the GBBC as those officials plan to continue with the arrangement in collaboration with the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) to include their charges on the GFN cards while supplying nutritious hampers for them.  The projection is broad based and incorporates several other initiatives all geared to enhance the fortunes of the boxers.
Mr. Abdool intimated that the GFN initiative is costly but administrators are cognizant of the eventual benefits that can be derived by the boxers. He said that the programme is being run at an average cost of $1.4M for the monthly card, while the cards that stage CABOFE fights and national titles are staged at an average cost of $5.5M. He also said that ever since the cards commenced nearly three years ago there has been an estimated turnover of approximately $76.4M. “Virtually all of this money goes directly back into the boxing community through boxers’ purses and peripheral costs,” said Mr. Abdool while pointing to the distinct economic benefit to the boxing community.
After approximately three years of activity which included 154 professional, and 109 amateur fights, Mr. Abdool said that he is extremely delighted with the progress made. “The boxers’ successes reflect the benefits derived from the Guyana Fight Night Programme; the explicit intent of which was to produce World Rated Guyanese fighters,” boasted Mr. Abdool. “Virtually 100% of these fighters’ records are built on the GFN programme,” he concluded.

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