Dem boys seh…That TV deal got problems

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If people think that butcher is people who only does wuk in slaughter house dem lie. De other day a man dead and dem had to rush in de pathologist to de North West fuh do de post mortem. When de doctor land de people notice that he didn’t have he bag wid he. That is when everybody know that something was wrang. But dem shut dem mouth.
De pathologist decide fuh do he wuk and people want know how. Is when he ask fuh a carpenter saw that people know that dem gun see a butchering. When he done saw open de man and he do he checking he had to sew back de man.
Dem boys nearly dead. De man break up two umbrella, tek de bones and stitch up de body. That is when dem boys know that a butcher and a doctor can shake hands.
Other people can shake hands too.  Dem boys seh that nuff people shaking hands when is time fuh buy drugs fuh de hospital. De boss man at de hospital shake hands wid Bar Bee and hand over de money. After couple years Bar Bee shake hands wid de hospital people and hand over de drugs.
Dem had some hand shaking when Bar Bee decide to buy de TV from Toe Knee. Well dem boys know that dem got to watch dem mouth but dem still can’t understand how de same year dem had short supply of drugs to de hospital is de same year Bar Bee buy de TV station.
One man seh that nuff things coulda cause that ,but it just strange.
Talk half and wait fuh de tek ups.

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