Missing GEA employee …Police detain suspect’s associates

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Police yesterday detained several associates of suspect, Sherwin Francis, while intensifying the search for Guyana Energy Authority (GEA) employee, LeVoy Taljit, who has now been missing for two weeks.
The prime suspect, 32-year-old Francis, is still in custody, but sources said that police need more evidence if they are to charge him in connection with Taljit’s disappearance.

Still missing: LeVoy Taljit

This is despite the fact that the Soesdyke resident has reportedly admitted to hiding the missing man’s Toyota Raum and selling his mobile phone.
It has now been 72 hours since police detained Francis, and investigators will have to apply to the High Court to keep him in custody.
Sources close to the missing man said that the suspect was found in possession of financial documents belonging to Taljit.
According to the sources, the detained man claimed that Taljit gave him the phone and a financial document.  He also said he subsequently sold the phone.
Yesterday, detectives and residents again scoured forested areas near the Soesdyke/Linden Highway in the hope of finding clues to the 25-year-old man’s whereabouts.
An associate of Taljit’s said that the man claimed to have befriended the 25-year-old GEA employee some time ago.
The associate also said that the Soesdyke resident claimed that Taljit visited his home around the time of his disappearance. He alleged that the young man had a bag of money and asked the suspect to stash the Toyota Raum. He is said to have also claimed that Taljit left in another vehicle.
According to the source, the suspect had initially told detectives that the missing GEA staffer was alive and well and that he has spoken to him from Paramaribo, Suriname. He reportedly admitted some time later that this was a fabrication.
Phone records revealed that someone had used Taljit’s mobile phone in the vicinity of Marudi, on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway, a few days after he went missing. The individual also used Taljit’s phone to make a call to a land line.
The individual had reportedly inserted a different SIM card in the cell phone, without being aware that the phone could still be traced when activated. It was around that time that residents from Yarrowkabra found the abandoned vehicle.
There are now suggestions that robbery is the primary motive for Taljit’s disappearance. There have also been suggestions that persons dealing in fuel smuggling might be involved in his disappearance.

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