FIFA Rep should be given opportunity to engage relevant stakeholders

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By Rawle Welch

Even though no official release has emanated from the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) about the scheduled arrival of the FIFA representative to mediate in the ongoing conflict between the local governing body and the Georgetown Football Association (GFA), many persons connected to the sport are hoping that apart from meeting with the two entities, relevant stakeholders will have the opportunity to engage the official at some point during his visit.
Local football has become fractured due to the enduring court battle which was prompted by the GFA after they were denied voting rights by the GFF who deemed the entity illegitimate, a claim refuted by the accused Body.
The issue has resulted in three clubs who for years were affliated to the GFA making the decision to pull out of all competitions organised by the Body following the alleged ruling by the GFF of its illegality.
However, all the other affliated members have since stuck with the GFA in a show of defiance of the GFF’s ruling, instead signaling that the GFA’s AGM was in compliance with its constitution contrary to the belated petition of it being null and void.
Meanwhile, the prevailing scenario even though it has not impacted heavily on the on-field exploits of the players, has damaged the sport’s image over the period and that is why many within the fraternity are of the opinion that the visit of the FIFA official is timely and necessary.
However, a very important juncture in local football will shortly be reached and all the key stakeholders in the sport must lobby for a meeting with the FIFA representative and not leave it alone to the two warring factions to communicate their gripes.
They are not the only major actors in this show and even though it is not normal for FIFA to involve other parties in their affairs, the present scenario and the importance of the sport on the national calendar require external participants.
All have agreed that for the ‘good of the game’, the current state of affairs cannot continue, the coming weeks and the impending outcome of the official’s visit will definitely alter the course of football locally.
What is also certain is that the GFF and GFA will continue to exist, but with AGMs pending, the current composition of both entities could very well change.

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