EZjet passengers have until January 14 to request refunds – Public Works official

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… efforts made to pay RedJet passengers

There is no possibility of resuscitation for the failed Airline charter Service, EZjet, whose operation came to a screeching halt during the latter part of last year following a high-profile scandal involving its now arraigned Chief Executive Officer, Sonny Ramdeo.
This assertion was made by Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn, who insisted yesterday that the company is “dead; it is finished…There is nothing that we can do at this point in time…it has been killed off.”
Already EzJet officials have submitted a total of 240 requests for passenger refunds which according Principal Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Public Works, Derrick Jodhan, is valued at some $26 million.
“At its start up, EzJet, was required to lodge a $40 million Bond with Government from which the refunds will be made”, Jodhan said yesterday.
According to Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Balraj Balram, a public advisory has been issued requesting that all jilted passengers submit their claims once they had in fact purchased tickets and were not able to travel.
The advisory, he said, will come to an end on January 14, last year. “We are receiving applications at the moment but we are not considering them until we get the total applications which will close on January 14…(On that date) we will be able to say how many people are making claims and what is the amount because the Bond we are holding is only for $40 million.”
“So we have to wait and see the total applications before we can say who we are refunding or not,” said Balram.”
According to the Minister he is hopeful that the refund process does not pose a challenge to Government. “We hope that we don’t run into a problem of having to give partial refunds but we are looking at the situation and we are assessing the claims as we go along.”
Turning his attention to RedJet another airline which was forced to close its doors during the first quarter of last year, Jodhan said that some $25 million has been received from the flopped entity to offset payment to 715 families.
He said that the Ministry is also in receipt of another list that came from the entity which will require payment of approximately $8.8 million to cater to another 263 passengers. “We are hoping to get confirmation on that amount pretty soon and we have sent off the e-mail to RedJet Directors so we are hoping that they sign off to that so that those persons can be added to the list,” said Jodhan.
He said that there is yet another outstanding unapproved list of 160 persons which would require the payment of some $4.1 million which once paid will complete the request for refunds the Ministry has received.
However, senior officials disclosed yesterday that “some of them may not be legitimate and we found out that some of the tickets were bought in Barbados and different countries…but we are only paying for tickets in Guyana and this is from the $40 million Bond.”
As a result Jodhan said that the Ministry is working in close collaboration with RedJet Officials to verify the passengers that are entitled to refunds.

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