Dem boys seh…Ed Ahmad singing de bar rat song

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Long time dem used to have song festival in this country. That was when judges use to select de best singers. People win car and some win holiday.
De radio station had a programme called In Search of a Star. De people use to look fuh de best singer and de prize was good. People get to travel and sometimes dem use to win other things.
Now a days dem got all kind of singing competition.  Carib does sponsor de Soca Competition and Banks does sponsor de Mashramani Calypso competition. De prize good too.
In de States dem have programme fuh singers too. A popular one is X factor but de real good one is American Idol. Ed Ahmad deh in one of dem because dem boys hear he singing like a canary. Aunty Dora hear he sing before but now de Feds got he in training fuh bigger things.
Some people in Guyana use to sing fuh dem supper; Ed singing fuh stay out of jail. De man sing a song and right away a Senator get tie up. He did done tie up another Senator before. But de song that de people like best in ode one wha Ed call de bar rat tune.
Every line got de word bar rat and every sentence got Jaggy. Dem boys seh that people should see how dem Feds dancing whenever Ed sing that tune.
And when Aunty Dora hear de song this time she seh that de man got a sweet voice and she might just keep he fuh ten years rather than de forty years she had in mind.
Dem got others who gun have to sing too but dem boys ain’t ready to call dem name. Sonny hoarse right now suh he can’t sing too good but he gone into training. He favourite song is Barbie and Bar Bee.
Talk half and sing de other half.

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