Chinese couple assault girl, 8

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An eight-year-old girl was yesterday beaten and stripped by the proprietors of Satno Mall located in the vicinity of Stabroek Market, opposite Demico House, after she was accused of stealing.
According to persons who witnessed the assault, the eight-year-old Muslim child had gone into the mall to shop with her grandmother when she was accused of stealing a pair of jeans.
She was confronted by the owner of the store who is a Chinese national. The man and his wife stripped the child in the presence of customers as well as staff and severely beat her.
The attack on the child angered street vendors who then stormed into the store and dealt the owner several punches. Some of the vendors carried away sheets and other items which were in the store; they were eventually chased out of the property by police officers.
Yesterday when Kaieteur News arrived at the scene, police had already taken the child, her grandmother and the Chinese couple to the Brickdam Police Station.
There were a few persons standing outside the store and were badmouthing the owner of the store. They claimed, “They beat her really bad; they spit in her face, and they kick her. When they finish the child couldn’t walk,” Nayan Williams said.
“She is Muslim; how can you strip her in the presence of people? She was wearing her head-tie and was well covered. If she stole something they should have taken her to the police but the thing is they search and didn’t find anything,” an eyewitness said.
Kaieteur News understands that the Chinese nationals were each placed on $10,000 station bail

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