Taxi driver chopped after parting argument

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Jeetram Persaud, a 38-year-old GR taxi service driver is currently nursing chop wounds to the head, hands and abdomen after he was “attacked” by a fellow driver at the Sheriff Street based taxi service. The incident occurred at around 20:00hrs on Thursday December 20.
Persaud resides at 32 Second Street Better Hope, South.
“Two men at the base were arguing about parking space and the one who was wrong was a big man, and he was arguing with a youth man. When he threaten the boy who look like he in his early 20s, Jeetram went up to he and tell he that he wrong, and that he shouldn’t threaten the youth man,” a family member explained.
The girl, who spoke on behalf of an injured Persaud, added that after he (Persaud) approached the man, the assailant calmed down.
At this time, Persaud noted that he took up a seat on a bench in front of the service base, and did not see when his attacker armed himself with a cutlass.
Kaieteur News was told that the man approached Persaud from behind, and began firing chops to the back of his head.
“After Jeetram fell to the ground, he tried to block the chops. That is how he got chopped in the abdomen and on his hands,” the relative added.
Kaieteur News understands that the driver escaped the scene and has not been seen or heard from since.
Meanwhile, the “youth man’ who witnessed the attack, along with some passersby has already given statements to the Kitty Police.

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