Man, 43, killed in hit and run accident

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Relatives of a Met-en-Meer-zorg, West Coast Demerara man, who died as a result of a hit and run accident late Saturday are requesting the police to conduct a thorough investigation into his death.
They are asking that the police not to side with the main suspect, whose father is a Cadet Officer.
Dead is Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) former employee, 43-year-old Bhagwan Budhram of lot 58 Met-en-Meer-zorg.
According to information, the man’s body was found around 16:30 hours on Sunday at a trench located near the Met-en-Meer-zorg main road.
Along with the man’s body were a shattered window screen and broken lights. Eyewitnesses however told the man’s family that they heard a “loud bang” near the trench and upon checking, they saw a vehicle leaving.
“They (eyewitnesses) say that they hear this hard noise and when they peep out they see the bus leaving so they collect the bus number,” the dead man’s brother said.
“The neighbours say that vehicles does hit down animals on the road so they didn’t think it was anything but they collect the number in case of future problems.”
The Budhram family gave the registration number for the bus to the police and a man was taken into police custody. According to the dead man’s brother, at one time the bus driver claimed that he hit a cow and then he changed his story to hitting a horse.
“We want justice. Because his father is an officer they have him very comfortable in the station,” the brother said.
The family fears that the police may put the suspect on bail and that Budhram’s death would remain unsolved.

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