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Often ridiculed and maligned, not much credit has been given to President of the Alpha Football Club, Odinga Lumumba, for his efforts in the development to local football.  Lumumba, who has been quite a controversial figure at times, has been instrumental in the fortunes of Alpha, taking the club from the doldrums and moulding it into one of the leading outfits locally.
Known for his bold outspoken and even in some quarters being described as abrasive, Lumumba has rubbed many involved in the sport in ways they may not like but has truly delivered starting with his club.  He has been instrumental in agitating for the increase in prize money in the sport as well as ensuring his charges earn decent money for plying their trade.
Lumumba recently wrote Football governing body FIFA to agitate for change to the current situation affecting the local game mainly between the Georgetown Football League and the Guyana Football Federation.  He was bold enough to suggest to FIFA that if something is not done he will attempt to form a parallel body to administer the sport locally.   However, known not to mix matters, FIFA indicated that Lumumba stand down on any such threat and informed that they will be visiting this month to look at the situation and attempt to fix it.
Steve Ninvalle, executive member of the Alpha club, feels that Lumumba has not received the credit he deserves for the many positives that he has singlehandedly brought to the game over the years.
Ninvalle noted that despite tough times, Lumumba has been able to secure key finances for the club and has been able to raise the bar at the club level.  He has also been instrumental in persuading former President Bharat Jagdeo to commit funding to the sport on several occasions. Recently he has been calling on the GFA and GFF to work out their problems and let football progress.
Controversial or not, his role has been instrumental in many ways in football in Guyana and it is hoped that he and all involved come together and work together to move the sport forward in 2013, bringing an end to the GFF, GFA saga and see a resolution out of Court and ensure that the game is administered to its true potential.

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