Explosive finals envisaged as ‘graduated’ minnows set to rewrite the history books

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A time bomb is ticking and football fans are urged to don appropriate protective apparel as two well oiled units, the Buxton United FC and Amelia’s Ward FC are set to explode into action to claim the ‘Holy Grail’ plus $4m ‘smackaroos’ when the final of the 23rd edition of the K&S football extravaganza gets underway at the National Stadium Providence tonight.
A huge crowd, reminiscent of the one that witnessed the double header between Pele and Amelia’s Ward and Buxton FC against Alpha United FC is expected to troop to the National Stadium Providence to witness the action between the two teams that, before tonight, were relegated to underdogs status.

Directors of the Kashif and Shanghai Organisation Aubrey Major and Kashif Muhammad yesterday with the Championship trophy and MVP prize in background.

Both teams dug deep in the early encounters and produced classical football that propelled them to the top of the heap. They are no longer the minnows and tonight’s encounter is shaping up to be a classical one that will outshine any other witnessed in the tournament’s 23 years existence.
Indeed, prior to tonight’s game, names such as Michael Phyll, Travis Waterton and Keon Sears would have meant nothing to football lovers. These were the three principals that combined to propel their team to the finals. Phyll’s magical strike in the game against Western Tigers was the first indication that the minnows meant business. The general view among the pundits was that Phyll’s achievement was a flash in the pan. That Buxton managed to book a final berth is adequate proof that they are worth their salt.
Their semifinal encounter against Alpha mirrored a David/Goliath scenario with the Buxtonians tabbed as ‘David’ and against all odds Buxton FC wielded their ‘sling’ and felled the mighty Alpha stars.
Tonight, two evenly matched teams will take to the field, both hungry for a prize that has eluded them for 24 long years.
Other than those ball weavers mentioned above, the Buxtonians will expect a top performance from veteran player Dwayne Jacobs. He was not among the scorers in the game against Western Tigers or Alpha United but he played a support role that was indeed commendable. Should Jacobs retain the form exhibited during the tournament, the Buxtonians would feel that they have a marvelous chance of lifting the prestigious prize.
Add the names of other proficient ball weavers that likes of Les Charles Critchlow, Travis Phyll, Keon Norville and Clive Andries and it becomes apparent that the team from the East Coast are ready for the task on hand.
Amidst all of the speculation, Coach of the Amelia’s Ward unit, Ceon Warner is optimistic of a repeat performance a la Pele.
Mr. Warner will depend heavily on strikers, Keon Sears and Keon Hall along with his midfielder, Travis Waterton. Then there is Terrence Aaron, a critical part of the strike force and left outside mid back, Marlon Simon.
President of Ameilia’s Ward FC, Terrence Mitchell views the encounter as an opportunity to avenge an earlier loss in the GFF Super Leagues earlier this year. “The Buxtonians won 1-0 in what I consider fortuitous circumstances,” he said. The Amelia Ward’s President further pointed out that Buxton enjoyed, and capitalized on the home advantage. “This time we are on neutral ground and will now determine which team is truly better,” said Mr. Mitchell.”We have a bone to pick with this particular team,” he concluded.
Buxton’s coach, Herbert McPherson scoffed at Mr. Mitchell’s proclamations saying that it is now Buxton’s time to shine. He said that his tenure with the squad spans a little over a year. “The team needed to readjust and bypassed last year’s edition of the tournament to do so,” he revealed. McPherson said that his players, but for a few, are relatively young and learning. He will back his chances on the dependable Dwayne Jacobs, Clive Andries, Jamal Booker, Keoma Sullivan and Ralph Moffat to lead the charge. “We’ve beaten this team before and while we expect a good fight in tonight’s game I cannot begin to visualize my team on the losing side,” exhorted McPherson.
The battle lines are drawn; the teams are ready for the bright lights; all systems are in place for the biggest and most exciting final encounter in the history of the K&S football extravaganza.
The spectators will be placed in just the right mood for that encounter when two arch-rivals, Pele and Alpha United battle in the third place play off. Pele will field a top lineup with players like Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson, Travis ‘Zorro’ Grant, Konata Manning, Dirk Archer and Stellon David and fans could expect a truly hectic battle.
They will have to contend with the likes of Anthony ‘Awo’ Abrams, Christopher Nurse, Kayode McKinnon, Dwight Peters and Kithson Bain among others. This should be just the appetizer fans crave for the main course that pits Buxton United against Amelia’s Ward United. Don’t you dare miss this one!

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