Dem boys seh…Donald got to shine in de New Year

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Bar Rat was, is, and will always be a scamp in dem boys book and in nuff, nuff people eyes. De fuss thing that mek dem boys know fuh sure was when he surround heself wid scamps like heself. He meet Bob Bee, Brazzy, and de rest of de kavakamites.
When all of dem meet at de drinking hole dem does put Bar Rat to stand in de middle of a circle and dem does praise Bar Rat as de Scamp of de Highest Order.
He and Bob Bee done tell Donald that dem got to get a National Award. Dem boys seh that Donald got to create a new award just like how Jagdeo did create one fuh Papa Cheddi. Donald got to give Bar Rat de O.O.S.—Order of Scampishness. Brazzy and Bob Bee got to get M.O.S.—Medal of Scampishness.
But in de New Year Donald got to mek some serious change and a serious turnaround from how Bar Rat use to run de country. He got to come out shining. He got to sound good and look good, feel good and even smell good. This can only happen when he get rid of de Rat smell.
People like shine things. Dem like shine gold and shine silver. Donald got to shine up he government. He already shine he head and he wearing shine shirt. He got to shine some other things.
De people want he to shine up he government. And de only way he can do that is to get rid of de garbage wha de Rat lef in Ohh Pee.
Then he got to shine up he Cabinet  and not de one at he house or at State House. He got to shine de one that does assemble at Ohh Pee. Then he got to bring in polished people—dem professionals  and not dem yes man wha de Rat use to like deh round. In this way de whole country gun shine and Donald will be de shining light that people did expect him to be when dem vote de last time.
Talk half and enjoy de New Year

To de whole country, Donald look like gold because dem see how he got sheen.

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