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…disappointed government short changing community

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has high expectations that come 2013, the government who has already expended over $150M into the inquiry of the Linden unrest, will equally set aside adequate funds to compensate the family of those who were killed, maimed and disfigured during the protest in that district.

Rupert Roopnarine

The party was airing its dissatisfaction towards the manner in which the current Administration was treating the people of the community. It felt that certain agreements made were not being fulfilled. The party however expects that following the decisions of the COI commissioners, “the government would do the right thing and compensate fully those who were injured.”
APNU member, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, said that the party despite the Government’s failure has recognized the sovereignty and authority of the regional heads. He said that they have been very careful not to trespass on the regional council’s jurisdiction and was very careful not to be seen as leading or stirring Linden in any direction.
He however noted that APNU, “is completely dissatisfied with the dishonoring of the August 21, agreement,” which the community and the Government signed to. He highlighted that one of the agreements made in August that has totally been ignored is the stipulation that the committees report to a plenary every 14 days. This he charged has not been done since the signing of the agreement and sees that act as a breach.
Roopnaraine said, “Having been at much of the discussions that led to the agreements, I can tell you that the Government’s rather cavalier attitude towards the establishment of a television station is completely regrettable and an act of bad faith.”
He said that in all discussions, the Government had made commitments that they would expedite efforts for the region’s broadcast license and the handing over equipment, but to date, Roopnaraine said the television station is still not on air.
It was also mentioned by the party’s second in command, that it was cavalier of the Government to state that the license for Linden could not be given by the Government, but the community must apply to the relevant agency. As a result, the party said it is dissatisfied with the progress being made with the Linden community.

Basil Williams

Lawyer for injured Lindeners, Basil Williams, said in relation to COI, those such as NICIL , who are asking for compensation, are not in the same situation as the residents. He highlighted that those injured were as a result of state agents and especially where the perpetrators are not identifiable; the Government should go into its coffers and compensate the people.
Williams said that his party believes that those who were injured, maimed and disfigured must be compensated. In terms of the actual terms of reference, it’s hoped that recommendations may be put forward that would assist in an improved, efficient and professional police force.

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