US$2M “Avinash Theatre” Entertainment Complex opens

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The landscape of Water Street, Georgetown has been transformed as the new US$2M Avinash Entertainment Complex was formally opened yesterday.
Upon eventual completion in approximately two years’ time the Panday family members, who are the proprietors, would have spent US$4M on the multi-complex.

Some of the movie items on display that are to be shown.

The ‘Magic of Movie’ theatres will show movies 50 times bigger than the screen at home, and there will be 300-plus seats for patrons who want to use the theater and another drive through theater that caters for 130 vehicles.
“Guyanese can now enjoy the long missed cinemas, which were enjoyed by the older parents and siblings, almost two decades ago. It will be a new experience for many Guyanese to look at a show seeing the actors twenty times larger than life,” Proprietor Malcolm Panday said.
“The state of the art theatre is comfortable, air conditioned and equipped with all the modern technologies one can have in other developed countries. These include a top of the line surround system.”
Admission will be $500 for adults and $300 for children. The two cinemas located in the Panday’s shopping mall currently under construction, are located at Lots A & B Water Street, Georgetown.
Panday said that in the making is also a theatre to screen three-dimensional movies (3D), two drive-in cinemas, restaurant, bowling alley, disco, pool tables and other recreational areas, all coming within the next six months. There will also be a staging area for local artistes to perform and entertain patrons. In addition, he said there will also be a food court and a semi playground for children to enjoy themselves.
The drive in theater also has a pavilion seating area for persons who don’t want to be seated in their car.
Adding that the old wharf that was once behind the present building will also be transformed into an entertainment zone, he said that plans are afoot to have jet skis and other items to utilize the waterfront area.
“One can enjoy drive-in cinema movies which can be viewed from a massive pavilion where one can enjoy a meal and look at a movie, while bringing the international theatre concept to Guyana…You can go on Facebook on “Avinash Theaters” to view trailers of the movies showing and show times,” Panday noted.

A section of the seating facility in the theater.

The brainchild behind the complex, Harry Panday, said that although many may have security as a priority at the complex, there is no need to fear anything since there will be private security for the entire area and since from doing business in the area for over 30 years, the family has found that the issue of crime is overrated in the zone.
“There are even patrols in the Water Street area constantly. There has never been any major catastrophe in the area…Even if persons come and park their car in the area they won’t have to worry that their cars will be breached and things will be removed since there is an entire 60,000 square feet parking lot factored into the entertainment complex.”
The businessmen also noted that Government should also place street lights in the area since the business zone is being developed.
The theaters will be opened from 15:00hrs for the family period of movies while the action packed and mature movies will be shown after 20: 00hrs.

A section of the facility.

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