A car filled with policemen three days outside my home

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My neighbour told me that a car filled with policemen was at my gate. The next day another carload arrived; I wasn’t at home. Another neighbour informed me. Then the third day, I was at home. I came out and spoke to Inspector Parris of Brickdam station. These visits occurred on August 16, 17 and 18 of this year.
The reason why the police came to see me, was to secure a statement on the attack I suffered outside the National Assembly on the stroke of midnight of August 15 (making it August 16) when I left the People’s Parliament (which began on that date) and crossed the road to get into my car parked outside the church next to Demico opposite the National Assembly.
Inspector Parris was courteous and professional. He wanted the statement urgently so the investigation could proceed.
The person who witnessed the deadly assault was Michael Carrington of the Alliance for Change. I was walking with him but he paced ahead as I reached where my car was. Carrington heard the screams and ran towards the “terrorist.” As the goon ran east up Brickdam three person tried to stop him – Dennis Atwell and Fitz Ralph from the People’s Parliament, and the security of the St. Stanislaus School. All of these details were put into my account.
Six months after this dastardly threat to my life, I have not heard back from Inspector Parris. But more importantly, I see Michael Carrington, Denis Atwell and Fitz Ralph everyday and because the People’s Parliament is still there where it originally began, I still see the St. Stanislaus security guard quite often. None of these gentlemen has had a visit from the police. None of them was ever contacted. In other words, there was never an investigation into the assault. And how do I know this?
If there was, then it is one of the strangest inquiries any police force anywhere has ever completed. I was never contacted for further details. None of the witnesses were invited to offer their account. The owner of the car (the licence plate was given to the police) in which the hoodlum escaped was identified and when the press contacted him, he said, his licence plate was used to frame him. I heard nothing about the car owner afterwards.
Now here is a strange development that I never wrote about. The next day Fitz Ralph and I went to the police outpost inside Parliament’s compound. My request was for the names of the guards stationed that night when the incident occurred. The officer in charge refused me the information and all the policemen we spoke to just didn’t want to talk about the attack. I guess the investigation ended the day it started and it never got started.
Citizens would know that surveillance tapes are placed on the electrical posts all around Georgetown. With the attempted arson of the building that houses several Magistrate’s courts on Croal Street, the police said they are studying that particular tape. What about the cameras on the very next street where I was attacked? If there is a camera at High and Croal Streets, then one assumes there is another one at the very next junction – Brickdam and High Street.
The tape is being studied to ascertain who the arsonists were but not my attacker.
So what is the conclusion? I will leave it up to readers but this I know and this I am absolutely sure about. Michael Carrington who ran up to the thug when he was punching me in the head is a key witness and since that midnight drama on August 16 to the time of this publication, the police have not contacted him. The second thing I know which is really a belief  of mine is that the police take a low profile when it comes to events as the attack on me for the simple reason that the police know that politics is involved and when it comes to politics, it is time to tread carefully.
Of course I could be completely wrong. There may have been a studious pursuit of the different angles of the violent assault and it was just a random beating by a crazy person. Well at least if the police came to that conclusion, courtesy should have been shown to me by informing me of the findings.
Of course I would have asked the police what methods they used to arrive at that judgement; could be the surveillance tape. But why weren’t Carrington and I not shown the tape. Maybe we just might have identified the real culprit.

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