Bandits brutally kill businessman

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– stabbed 10 times  

The brutal murder 35-year old Annandale, East Coast Demerara businessman Kamal Ramsahoye called Vicky, early yesterday morning sent shockwaves through the relatively quiet community.

Dead: Kamall Ramsahoye

Ramsahoye, who lived alone at his Annandale Market Road property, which houses his business, was found dead in the bottom flat of the building with multiple stab wounds around 07:30 hours by his brother Kumar.
The businessman received a total of 10 stab wounds, three to his upper chest and seven to his back.
Investigators are convinced that Ramsahoye was attacked by bandits who took away an undisclosed amount of cash and other valuables.
Judging from the evidence of a ransacked bottom flat, detectives believe that Ramsahoye was brutally murdered during a fierce fight with his attackers.
Cash, comprising small denomination notes were scattered on the floor, while a toy gun was recovered next to Ramsahoye’s body.
Detectives are working on the theory that Ramsahoye was attacked shortly after he opened up his property and went into his yard through the back door, since there was no sign of forced entry.
After committing the dastardly act, the killers scaled a tall fence enforced with razor wire and escaped but in the process leaving a trail of blood.

Grieving wife Narda Sookram is overcome with grief as she arrives at the home of her dead husband.

It is not too clear if the blood retrieved by crime scene experts, is that of one of the killers or from the victim which might have spilled on them.
Kumar Ramsahoye, who lives a few hundred yards away from his brother told this newspaper that the young businessman who is separated from his wife would usually “come over in the morning for breakfast.”
He said that when his brother did not come yesterday, he tried contacting him on his telephone but got no answer.
Although Kumar did not sense that anything was amiss he decided to go across to see what had prevented his brother from coming over.
“When me go over, de door been lef open. Me go in and see a pool of blood and he deh lie down,” Kumar Ramsahoye told this newspaper.
He subsequently related the news to other relatives who converged on the dead man’s house where they were mostly inconsolable.
“I feel for me son because he was a hard working boy. Me want justice fuh me son, he was very kind and very good. Why?” cried Ramsahoye’s mother, Suroj, who fainted several times at the scene.

A detective retrieves blood from the fence that the killers scaled to escape.

None of the neighbours heard or saw anything, not even when the killers were scaling the fence.
Mukhram Latchman, a neighbour to the south of Ramsahoye’s house, told members of the media that he got up early yesterday morning as usual to pray, when his daughter told him that a crowd had gathered in Ramsahoye’s yard.
“When me come out and go over, den me hear dat de man get kill. Me nah hear nothing, nothing,” he claimed.
He described his neighbor as “very good”. “I know dem since dem ah small boy, he mother dem used to sell plantain and cassava in de market.”
For Latchman, Ramsahoye’s death brought back memories of the dreaded period a few years ago when bandits routinely raided their village.
He said that Ramsahoye’s family had bought the property from another businessman who had become fed up with the constant attacks and fled Guyana.

Relatives were inconsolable at the scene

“Like me gat fuh tell me son leh he come and carry way me because is me and me daughter alone live,” Latchman said.
Meanwhile the dead man’s wife Narda Sookram turned up about two hours after the discovery of her husband’s body.
She had initially declined to speak to the media and was subsequently questioned by the police.
Later yesterday afternoon she told Kaieteur News that she and Ramsahoye got married in April this year but they became estranged following several interventions by his family members.
She said that yesterday, she was awakened by a call from one of her husband’s employees who told her “come now, now; somebody go in de house and kill Vicky.”
“That is what wake me up,” Sookram said.
She said that she immediately travelled from her residence in Tuschen on the East Bank of Essequibo to Annandale but did not go into the house because “I was scared”
Late yesterday afternoon, police combed a section of Annandale with the aim of picking up clues as to who might have been the perpetrators.

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