Crime fighting strategies working despite the many challenges

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– Crime Chief

Even as the police continue with their numerous crime fighting strategies, there are still some challenges which have been somewhat hampering their efforts. This is according to Crime Chief Seelall Persaud, who was delivering a presentation recently during the launching of the Christmas Program.
These challenges include lack of finance, lack of public cooperation and poor court attendance by witnesses, among others.
The Crime Chief pointed out that some of the types of crime which the Force has been trying to combat include, property crimes, drug trafficking, cross border smuggling, piracy and cyber crime, which is becoming more prevalent. As it relates to cyber crime, Persaud said the Force has been working with an international body with the aim of training local personnel to deal with this phenomenon.
Further the Crime Chief outlined some of the organisation’s strategies that are currently being used to aid in their efforts. These he said include Anti-crime patrols, road blocks, raids, Community Policing and some components of the Citizen Security Programs.
Giving an insight into some of the programs which seek to address youths involved in crimes, Persaud said the Force itself has several youth groups in some vulnerable communities, Scouts Groups and their GPF/Zara Computer Centre, which is located at Adventure, Corentyne, Berbice, providing educational opportunities for many.

Crime Chief Seelall Persaud

However while the Force has been upkeeping many of these programs, Persaud said, financing for some of them remains a challenge. The Crime Chief said that as the police Finance Department begins preparation for next year’s budget, consideration will be given to funding for these projects.
Persaud said that some of the other challenges the Force faces include the lack of public cooperation, information, identification parades attendance and court attendance.
Persaud pointed out that too often investigators are faced with the issue of members of the public refusing to take part in identification parades, lengthy trials and congestion in courts. As it relates to the challenges faced in the Court, Persaud said the Ministry of Home Affairs has been in discussion with the judicial circle to address these issues. Some of the ideas being considered include the introduction of night courts, more regular sitting of Courts in the Hinterland regions and more courts around the country which will ultimately ease the congestion.
As it relates to the organized crimes and inadequate security investments, Persaud said business owners should invest more in security when it comes to moving around large amounts of cash. He added that persons should start looking at the possibility of ‘using plastic’ Debit and Credit Cards. When it comes to security for their business places Persaud advised that proper screening of persons before they are hired should also be done.
However, despite all of the mentioned challenges the Crime Chief has pointed out that so far for the year the Force has been able to crack many rings that were carrying out a series of crimes. Some of these crime rings include the Cummings Lodge robbery group, where four men, Orlando Samuels, Quacy Bentick, Ricardo Samuels and Jamal Munroe were caught and charged for offences varying from robbery under arms and possession of firearm. There was also the ‘Airport robbery group’ which had been robbing incoming passengers from the CJIA while on their way to the city. Three persons, Rawl Allen, Ronald Kissoon and Richard Elliot have since been charged with 10 counts of robbery under arms. A menacing piracy gang was also broken up and its members charged and placed before the court.

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