Mash 2013 launched with calls for more support

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Main Street was a buzz of activities yesterday as the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport launched Mashramani 2013. With a very visible police presence in the vicinity of the Culture Ministry, the launch offered a glimpse of the highly anticipated celebration which is intended to mark Guyana’s 43rd Republic Anniversary on February 23 next year.
Spectators were treated to a programme of activities which entailed dances, drumming, singing and even a book launch all seeking to remind and at the same time highlight the intrigues of the event.

The Mash logo is unveiled

The launch also entailed the unveiling of the Mashramani logo by Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, who alluded to the event as the largest festival on these shores. According to him the event is one that should always seek to promote Guyana’s pride and patriotism even as he spoke of the Mashramani parade as one which usually attracts in excess of 100,000 spectators.
“This is perhaps the largest festival that really brings out Guyana’s creativity…We are celebrating our creativity something that we must support,” the minister added.
Referring to Guyana as a geographical extravaganza, Captain Gerald Gouveia, speaking in the capacity of member of the Private Sector Commission, said that there is an earnest need for the private sector to do more to support the national celebration.
“In my opinion the private sector is not doing enough. I think that this launch should encourage the private sector to get more involved…It needs all of us…”
According to him the launch of Mashramani is symbolic. He said that such occasions are about unifying Guyana. “Mash is about celebration…it is about showcasing Guyana…our diversity, and it is about economics,” said Gouveia as he made the call for the celebration of Mash to take on a new approach by incorporating the involvement of other countries.
Yesterday’s launch also saw Al Creighton launching his publication ‘Mash— its origin and development’ which seeks to not only detail the origin of Mashramani but also its history and development over the years.
He said that during his research for the book it became evident that there is an absence of documented materials on Mash. In fact, it was the lack of materials that spurred his enthusiasm to find out more about Mash. He was tasked with handing over a copy of his publication, which was completed in time for the launch to

Dancers of the National Dance Company and National School of Dance give a vibrant performance.

Minister Anthony, and a number of other notable individuals.
The launch was chaired by well known broadcaster, Mrs. Michella Abraham-Ali, who was positioned on a platform decorated with representations of mannequins who were tasked with representing the various bird species of Guyana.

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