NDC chairman needed in Parika-Stall holders

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Parika stall holders are complaining of the garbage and drainage situation. These are constantly an issue and a health hazard not being addressed by the Mora-Parika, Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC.)
The residents also noted that they are dissatisfied with the way the district is being managed, citing the lack of road repairs even though material is available and has been in stock. They pointed out, also that the drains were not cleaned over a long period of time and the road shoulders have not been cleared of excess growth.

A pile of garbage next to the drains where stall holders have to dwell daily.

They are calling on Regional Chairman Julius Faerber and other relevant authorities to investigate and find solutions to the various issues facing stall holders and residents.
One of the brave stall holders, known as ‘Auntie Anne’ said “I went into the NDC office to the overseer,. I asked her, where is the vice-chairman? He is no where around. He is in the bush. I then asked how the drains would clean?  Because sometimes we pay $4,000 a week to clean the drains and no returns.”
She said when she enquired about the reason for paying their monies; the stallholder said the overseer then asked if “we can’t clean the drains since the NDC doesn’t have money. We don’t have a chairman or a vice-chairman either, since the condition of the area is nasty.”
Adding that stallholders are requesting a proper market, she said the NDC and other authorities want vendors to remove from the roadside. However, there is no system being implemented to develop the area, but authorities want to only make decisions without seeking solutions to various problems and issues.
When the regional chairman Julius Faerber was contacted, he noted that the Mora-Parika NDC should be contacted since persons can claim or make allegations about anything.
However, calls to the Mora-Parika NDC proved futile since none of the calls were answered.

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