Police to stake out bars to capture drunk drivers

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-over 1300 ranks receive monetary rewards for the Force’s anniversary

Motorists who are bent on driving after consuming alcohol, had better start thinking twice as the Guyana Police Force plans to stake out night spots and bars with the intention of cracking down on drunk driving.
The warning was announced by Commissioner of Police (Acting) while addressing ranks at the Force’s Anniversary Awards Ceremony yesterday at the Tactical Services Unit Drill Square.

Businessman Cobeer Persaud presents a monetary award to a police rank for outstanding work that led to the neutralizing of a well known criminal.

Although the Commissioner acknowledged that the road fatality figure so far for this year is way below that for the corresponding period last year, he referred to several factors which continue to contribute to deaths on the roads.
One of these factors is drunk driving.
So far the road fatality figure stands at 43 compared with 62 deaths last year.
“I am hoping that there will be a time that at this time of the year we will have no fatal accidents, no deaths,” Brumell said.
To achieve this, the Acting Commissioner said, members of the public will have to work along with the Police Traffic Department, since many of the persons who have died on the roads, contributed to their own demise by either drunk driving, speeding or other careless behaviour, such as using their cellular phones while driving.
Brumell said that the return to staking out bars will be nothing new to the police.
The acting commissioner told the gathering that included other senior officers and special invitees, that the initial move had angered the public so much so that even the business community cried out for police harassment.
“But I think that we will have to start going back to that…We should target some of those major spots and put the police to work there, so as soon as the persons finish imbibing and they come out, we just stop them and test them. Let’s do it,” the Acting Commissioner said.
The initiative is expected to be put into operation immediately.
“If we do it, I’m sure this weekend we will not have any deaths; believe me,” Brumell assured.
Ironically, the announcement came on the anniversary of the deaths of five persons who were killed when a speeding minibus crashed on Homestretch Avenue.
The Acting Commissioner’s comments appear to have gone down well with most of the persons who were gathered to see several ranks and civilians rewarded for their outstanding contribution to law enforcement for the past six months.
In all, 1317 ranks were monetarily rewarded, while 61 community policing and 67 individual certificates were presented.
Businessman Cobeer Persaud (Anand) made a personal donation to two ranks who were instrumental in the detention and shooting of a well known criminal suspect through the city.
Meanwhile, the Acting Commissioner urged his ranks to be prepared for criticism, which he said is nothing new to the 173-year-old Guyana Police Force.
And to this end he took up a challenge to go on private television to defend the policies of the organisation.
“I’ve written to Mr. Sharma to tell him that a police team will be on his programme next week to deal with any issues that persons want to come with, and whatever he wants to come with, we’ll deal with it,” the Acting Commissioner of police emphasized.

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