Jumbo Jet employees arrested in multi- million $$$ theft

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Several employees attached to Jumbo Jet Auto Sales in West Berbice

The Jumbo Jet operations at Armadale where the theft occurred.

have been taken into custody in connection with the disappearance of over $10M in spare parts and tyres along with other items. The items went missing several weeks ago, and a massive scam is being unraveled.
Nasrudeen Mohamed, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jumbo Jet Auto Sales, is a prominent business man and supplier of trucks and agricultural machinery. As part of his operation, he has workshops to repair and rebuild trucks and machinery on West Coast Berbice.
Recently, he sustained a loss of over $10 million in spare parts, tyres, spare wheels and batteries at his workshop designated to build truck trays in Armadale, Berbice.
According to management, the items were stolen about three weeks ago from the Armadale location and it is only now that details of the gruesome theft are coming to light. The shocking thing is that employees were in on it all the time. The items were discovered missing at the beginning of this week by the General Manager of the Berbice location, Chandradat Ramkissoon
One of the suspects, the nephew of a popular West Berbice General Store owner, is currently in police custody at the Fort Wellington Police Station.
The man admitted to the police that he obtained tyres to sell from the head welder of the workshop, Rajesh Persaud, called “White Eye.”  He admitted to conspiring with ‘White Eye’ to acquire and sell goods from the workshop. Other employees at the location are said to be involved in the act.
A number of spare tyres are missing from the workshop, which has high gates/walls and only two entrances. The main suspect, who lives next door to the location, admitted to selling two tyres to a man from Golden Fleece for $240,000.
These tyres were recovered after information was provided to Mr. Mohamed. On Friday, six welders, and the security guard supervisor of the location, Rudolph Narine, were taken in police custody to assist with investigations. According to management, several other items have still been unaccounted for and police are investigating.
Mr. Mohamed said that he is determined to recover the full value of all things missing. He has since closed the Branch of operations.

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