Thieves caught in Atlantic Ville house out on bail

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Two men who were caught red-handed removing articles from the Atlantic Ville home of businesswoman,

Shambeer Matthews

Gaitree Dulichand, were granted bail in the sum of $50,000 each when they appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court yesterday.
Clinton Powell, 42, of Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara, and 20-year old Shambeer Matthews called John, of Patentia, also on the West Bank, were charged with break and enter and larceny.
The charges stemmed from their capture last Tuesday morning, while they were in the process of removing a steel vault and other valuables from the Lot 13 Atlantic Ville house.
They both pleaded not guilty after they were advised by their attorney.
Matthews was previously employed by a contractor who was effecting some repairs to the businesswoman’s house.
Early Tuesday morning police ranks from the Sparendaam anti-crime patrol, responding to reports that a burglary was in progress, swooped down on the location and caught two perpetrators just as they were removing a steel combination safe from the house.
The men had already packed up a quantity of household items, including a 42-inch flat screen television, stereo set, computers and a large portion of expensive kitchen utensils with the intention of loading them into a waiting pick-up truck when the police intervened.
The driver of the pick-up managed to escape in the vehicle when he saw the police entering the premises.
It was an excellent example of police/public cooperation.
At the time of the burglary, the house was unoccupied, and it was the neighbours who alerted the police.
The lawmen did not waste much time getting to the scene, a sure indication of what could happen as a result

Clinton Powell

of quick response. The men had gained entry into the house by breaking the glass portion of the front door with a hammer and an iron bar.
Neighbours heard the breaking of glass, and, realizing that the homeowner was not at home, contacted the police. It took the police less than three minutes to reach the scene. When they arrived they had to use a torchlight to locate the thieves who were obviously startled.

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