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At the beginning of 2012, Mr. Ravi Dev in one of his columns referred to me as an extremist. This came from a man who wrote a few years back that if East Indians had not come to Guyana, it would have remained a mangrove swamp. I guess that was a pretty extremist judgement, not to mention that African rights activists took extensive umbrage.
Over the past ten years, Mr. Dev has attacked my columns as falling into the category of inciting and hate-preaching. Mr. Dev was at it again last Sunday.
In his article entitled, “Keeping Hate Alive,” Mr. Dev returned to his customary accusation – I incite people against the PPP and its constituencies. I read Mr. Dev’s piece in last Sunday’s KN early in the morning then left to participate in a Mother’s Day hamper distribution sponsored by the Region Three branch of the Alliance for Change
I was trembling in my boots. Would I be attacked and killed? The PPP won handsomely in Region Three in the last general elections and if according to Dev, I am a preacher of hate then maybe I should stay home. I was encouraged to go West Coast by the reception I received the night before (Saturday) in Port Mourant when I was a guest speaker at the AFC public meeting to explain to Berbicians the AFC reasons for the budget cuts.
I guess by now someone would have told Dev and his newly found friends at Guyana Times and the PPP, that the attendance was phenomenal. Any person coming from another part of the world would have thought that it was a PPP rally and that the PPP had bussed their supporters into Berbice.
Let us leave any discussion of the numbers for now. I guess Moses Nagamootoo will talk about that so he can get the PPP kings and queens to start pulling their hair out of their skulls.
I was rapturously welcomed by Berbicians and so was my speech. I wasn’t deterred by the Sunday column of Dev. I went to Region Three and was treated with wonderful affection. The hospitality was impeccable. So to whom am I directing this hate? Surely, it cannot be PPP constituencies as was evident by the reception I received Saturday evening in Port Mourant and the whole of Sunday in Region Three.
Is it possible that the people that I am directing my hate to lie inside the tortuous mind of a failed politician by the name of Ravi Dev? Well, it has to be. I travel around my country, and I see no venom thrown at me. The only thing thrown at me was filth that was probably caused by persons who read the extremist, insane, emotional invectives that the Chronicle has been saying about me these past ten years.
Who are these people that I have been inciting against and have besieged with my extremist statements according to the gospel of Ravi Dev? Strangely, over the past ten years, Dev repeats his accusations but he never offers one quote from any column I have written, television interview I have given or public speech I have made. Of course these victims do not exist. They live inside the propagandistic soul of Ravi Dev.
But what about the other side of the coin? If I incite against the PPP, I haven’t seen anyone from the leadership of the PPP being attacked or was made the victim of a violent act based on Freddie Kissoon’s writing. On the contrary, I was a victim of  two vicious assaults, one in 2004 when I was beaten, my car was stolen, nothing was taken from it and was neatly parked one block away from KN offices and again in 2009, when a miasmic substance was heaved upon me as I was in my car (by you know who).
Ravi Dev obviously doesn’t read the Chronicle. I don’t blame him. Nobody does. That is why its propaganda (along with what I suspect maybe Dev’s paper now, the Guyana Times) failed to help the PPP in the last national elections.
If Dev used to read the Chronicle, then he would know that out of 365 editions in a year, there is a derogatory letter on me in two hundred of those editions. I guess Dev must have been pressed by his paymasters that it’s time to return to his usual postures of describing anti-PPP critics as calling for violence.
Dev and I should travel to Berbice to talk to people and there and then Guyana will see and know who is who.

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