Girl, 9, sexually molested by stepfather

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–    Mother sides with molester despite a positive medical record of rape
Police arrested a Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara man as they investigate

The traumatized girl

allegations that he sexually molested his nine-year-old stepdaughter.
The man, about 40 years old, was arrested last Saturday after the child’s stepmother reported the alleged brutal act to the police.
The child’s stepmother who got the news through rumours, questioned the child who then confessed to her.
The perpetrator, widely known as Beef, denied the allegation although the medical examination shows that the child was molested both virginally and anally.
Yesterday, the child related to other relatives the gory details of her experience at the hands of her stepfather.
All this was reported to her mother, who reportedly turned a blind eye and even threatened the child with physical harm to both her and her biological father should she tell anyone else.
The child, who is now with her father and her stepmother in the city said that “every time I tell she (her mother), she don’t say anything but the last time when he push his thing inside me I tell she and she say if I tell my father, Beef might break up he hand and foot,” the little girl recalled.
The nine-year-old girl told Kaieteur news that last March her stepfather started to make passes at her.
She said he first started to rub her breasts and made her put on DVD for him. She recalled putting on the DVD three times and the only movie she saw was that of “naked boys and girls.”
From rubbing her breasts and making her watched porn, he started using his fingers on her. Then a week later he began raping her daily.
“When I come from school, my mommy tell me she going to the hospital because her father was sick. After she leave at 02:30hrs, I rock my brother in the hammock and I went in the room to sleep because I was tired.
I see him coming in the room so I run out and go in the hammock and when he left to go upstairs I went back to bed,” the nine-year-old recalled.
She said while she was on her bed, “I hear footstep and when I turn he push me on the bed and tek he finger and push it up in me.” She told her mother, who said “Oh is dah wah he doing.”
The little girl claimed that her mother told her to pack her bags because they were going to move out.
“She didn’t went to the police; we went by her sister for two days then we went home back with Beef,” the victim lamented.
With no one to talk with, she started to relate her daily horrifying ordeal to her little sister, who then became distracted. It reached to a point where she could not have concentrated on her examination.
There are reports that Beef had earlier raped his biological daughter.
Yesterday when Kaieteur news visited the family, an angry and distracted father emphasized that the police only arrested the stepfather. The father is furious since he said the child’s mother knew what was going on but never said anything.
He added that although the medical record proved that the child was molested, the mother, at the station, accused him (the father) and his current wife of bribing the police.
He said that the mother is trying to prove that his daughter is lying.
The father said that his children’s mother, never wanted his two daughters to spend vacations with him. He recalled one incident where the mother promised him that they will spend last Good Friday with him.
“Before I go for them I does call and ask her, so Good Friday when I went to collect them just like that Beef started to beat me.”
He said that he reported the matter but since then Beef had gone into hiding. He had also taken the mother to court so that he could be granted visitation rights but she never showed up.
“The Magistrate bin put up an arrest warrant for her and nobody arrest her but when I late with one month child support police show up at my back door and front door with guns,” the father claimed.
Neighbours yesterday claimed that the children’s mother is on drugs. They also said that the two girls have been sleeping in one room with the mother and their stepfather.
A male, who preferred not to be named, said that Beef has a record of raping young girls.
Kaieteur News has contacted the Child Care Protection Agency and the agency is in the process of investigating the incident.

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