IT is a curse to some, a blessing to others

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Dear Editor,
I read your News item of March 3, about vandalism and GT&T being affected by it and noted that “telephone and other telecommunication services for thousands of customers including several businesses in and around the central Georgetown area have been repeatedly disrupted over the past weeks as a result of what seems to be organized rampant vandalism”.
This reminded me of our experience in London a few years ago.
Several telephones in my area suddenly stopped working for days, and everyone affected was puzzled as to why.  It turned out that, with the immediate introduction of Broadband nationally, this was mainly through theft, because “traditional wired local area networking systems require copper coaxial cable or twisted pair to be run between or among two or more of the nodes in the network”, and copper was greatly needed.
It was not a case of vandalism at all – it was naked greed.  The railway system also suffered disruption for the same reason – their cables were dug up, for the copper wire content.
This stolen stuff provided a source of income to many people – thieves and accomplices.  To some, the field of IT is a blessing; to others it is perhaps a curse.
Geralda Dennison

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