It is a case of hypocrisy to talk about proportionality here

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Dear Editor,
The question of proportionality seems to be a burning issue these days and it seems to be the biggest topic on the minds of everyone in this country who is a PPP supporter or sympathetic to the PPP. There are not an overwhelming number of these folks but none the less, the topic comes up every so often.
I personally equate proportionality when it is discussed with the PPP dilemma in mind with hypocrisy. I personally find the statements being made by Gail Teixiera and Ralph Ramkarran regarding proportionality to be pure vomit and here are my reasons for this revulsion to when it comes to the PPP complaining about proportionality.
First of all the PPP is a minority government so no matter how you slice it or dice it a minority does not translate into a majority… maybe in Freedom House Maths it does but not in straight line accounting. Going by the numbers, the PPP did not win a majority in Government. Thus, how can they possibly expect to continue their domination in parliament when the population voted against that configuration? is the PPP trying to overturn the will of the people?
The simple answer is yes, they did so for 20 years claiming they were elected by the majority so why would that change?
When you ask the majority of Guyanese if they want a dictatorship I can guarantee you the answer is no. But the truth is the PPP is a dictatorship no matter how you slice it or dice it the powers granted to the Executive President where he cannot be prosecuted for any crimes he may commits including libel etc is clear as day the laws of a dictatorship not a democracy.
Now back to this question of proportionality that the PPP seems obsessed with lately. Here are the questions we have to ask ourselves. Is the wealth that the PPP ruling class acquired over the past 20 years proportional to the normal growth of wealth for public servants in similar positions across the Caribbean and even in Guyana?  I think the overwhelming answer would be no.
Is the access that the PPP had to NCN, State Radio and Chronicle during the last elections proportional to the access the AFC and APNU had? I think the answer to that question would be a resounding NO.
The signs the PPP had plastered all over Guyana and let us compare that to the fact that the PPP was tearing down AFC signs across the country for the most mediocre of reasons, was that proportional? NO.
Was the access to state funds to bribe indigenous areas or regions proportional to what the other parties namely the AFC and APNU had access to? The answer is again a resounding NO.
Proportional to all the drugs flowing out of this country have we proportionally arrested any major drug lords in Guyana to equate to the amount of drugs flowing through Guyana? I think you know the answer to that also.
The Scrutinizing funds allocated to the PPP and PNC for elections work; was that proportionally allocated to all political parties? The answer is a resounding NO.
A policeman in Guyana makes approximately $50,000 per month; a Presidential advisor in some cases with less education than a policeman makes about $700,000 per month. Is that proportional? I don’t think so.
Have the assets that the PPP sold off via NICIL proportionally been purchased by folks connected to the PPP and also not connected to the PPP? What is the distribution ratio on the disposal of state assets at super basement crasher low prices?
I must say that you know according to Ramotar and Gerry Gouveia these were all done proportionally fair and transparent through a bidding process. You can laugh now, proportionally of course.
Sugar workers are being treated like slaves in this country let us make no bones about this fact. They are mistreated by their own government that they overwhelmingly voted for in the 2006 elections. Were they proportionally rewarded compared to the PPP stooges on the board and Management of Guysuco? Again I can guarantee you the answer is no.
The other question we must ask ourselves is about stealing and corruption. Is the stealing of state funds today proportionally greater or less under the PPP versus under the PNC rule? I think you know the answer to the “thiefin” question also.
Proportionally how many treason cases were filed under the PPP versus the PNC and how many of them were done with zero evidence or trumped up charges? I think Maurice Arjoon, Mark Benschop, Oliver Hinckson, The Munroes and Whartons all will proportionally tell us overwhelmingly that the PPP abuse of power is greater.
Therefore, when Ralph Ramkarran and Anil Nandlall and the rest of the PPP come to preach to this nation about proportionality it is extremely arrogant of these individuals to raise their heads to complain that they are being unfairly treated. As a matter of fact it is repugnant behaviour on their part.
This is exactly the kind of arrogance and treachery the Guyanese electorate rejected at the last elections in 2011. The PPP has not understood the results of the last election and that is consistent with their behaviour since November 2011. They have no intention of changing course or taking corrective steps to do things differently.
This argument about proportionality, the budget they presented, makeup of the current cabinet, all point to maintaining the status quo. The continued fattening of the PPP rulers at the expense of the tax payers and the poor people in this country is the kind of proportionality the PPP is fighting to maintain.
When the PPP talks about proportionality it is really saying that it wants to have the ability to proportionally screw you more than anyone else and wants you to proportionally like it better than any other society in the world.
So to all my fellow Guyanese I ask you to think long and hard about these points I have highlighted above and ask yourselves which side of the proportionality equation do you want to be on, be careful and do not turn around while answering this question.
John B. Singh

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