Toddler killed by speeding car in Front Road accident

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A three year-old boy was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital

Dead 3 year-old Carlyne Moe.

minutes after he was struck down in front of his home yesterday morning.
According to reports, Carlyne Moe of Front Road, La Penitence was struck down at around 09:45 hours. The toddler’s mother, Eartha Moe, told this publication that she was upstairs in her house when he heard a loud impact and screeching tyres.
“I hear the noise and I peek through the window and when I look out, I see me son on the road and people surrounding he,” the woman related.
She said that she immediately ran downstairs and onto the road to pick up her son.
“After I pick he up, I see a black car park a lil way up and the people tell me is the same man knock down me son so I pick up me son and sit in the car and the driver tell me how he car can’t move he ain’t got gas,” the grieving mother told Kaieteur News.
While clutching a photograph of her son in her hand, Eartha Moe recalled that she later stopped a passing car and raced with her son to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
Eyewitnesses said that the child was standing on the right hand side of the road when the black car overtook another vehicle and struck him, tossing him some distance away.
According the child’s mother, minutes before the accident she had called her son in from riding his bicycle.
“He was outside riding his bicycle and he come inside and I lock the front door and I went upstairs and he said, ‘mommy you coming back?’ and I tell he just now, but like he go through the back door.”
What is more painful for Eartha Moe and her relatives is the fact that police already appear to be giving the man who killed her only child preferential treatment.
This publication was told that the man who was behind the wheels of the car appeared to have been under the influence of alcohol and it was only after residents in the area insisted that the driver be taken away by the police then he was placed in a patrol vehicle.
“This man is Humphrey’s son and after he tell people how he car can’t move fuh carry the child to the hospital, he drive the same car to the station, and right away he father reach,” an eyewitness told this publication.
Carlyne Moe is survived by his parents and attended the Agape Academy.
The matter is being investigated.
The three year old is the first child road fatality for the year.
Meanwhile according to figures released by the Guyana Police Force, there has been a 19 % decrease in fatal accidents for the corresponding period last year, with 21 fatal accidents last year and 17 this year. There has been a 14% decrease in deaths with 21 deaths in 2011 compared to 18 so far this year.
Further investigations revealed that speeding was the cause of 13 accidents so far for the year.

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