Dem boys seh…De got nuff thiefing and money washing

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Is thiefing anywhere you turn. De other day some people from Lusignan miss dem cows. Dem search and dem see people skinning de animals. One of de people who lost he cow was quick. He tek out he phone and he tek some photograph of de man cutting up he cow.
Then people start fuh talk how de same people who thief dem cows use to thief sheep and goat. Dem boys seh that dem get good practice pun dem li’l things and now dem graduate to big things like cows.
Dem learn from de big ones who use to thief money fuh buy fry rice. Now dem thief fuh buy de whole country. In fact dem got suh much that dem studying how to spend it. Some of dem looking at de airline industry and trying fuh invest in plane.
Some already planning fuh invest in hotel. Dem boys seh that plane and hotel is things fuh wash dirty money. But dem got a problem. De money suh much that de washing machine sparking. De washing slow down.
Dem got a hotel already but dem big ones don’t want that hotel. Dem putting it up fuh sale. Now dem boys want to know why dem don’t keep that hotel instead of spending nuff money to build a Marriott? Dem can take that same hotel and call it Marriott. Washing machine come in different brands.
And dem boys find a man who operating a plane and mekking a profit while everybody else running at a loss. De man get cheap fuel, cheap meals and even a cheap plane. He do wha de rest can’t do.
He tell dem boys how is he money and in de same breath he tell dem how he got a US$384,000 mortgage pun he house. De same man got a job wid a bank and he got to meet to wuk at 8 and stay till five. He got to be poo poo airline owner; he got to be fronting fuh someone and dem boys believe dem know is who.
Talk half and call de name later.

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