Abandoned road works result in damaged streets, flooding in Stewartville

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Residents of Sarah Lodge, Stewartville, West Coast Demerara (WCD) are fuming

The abandoned site which was dug to facilitate the construction of a culvert in the area

over the inconvenience caused by incomplete road works.
They complained yesterday that almost two months have passed since the site has been dug in preparation for rehabilitation works, which have since been stalled.
This has proven to be a great inconvenience since vehicles cannot traverse the main street in Sarah Lodge and the street becomes terribly flooded when it rains.
Reports are that the contract has been awarded to the Joshi and Son(s) Construction Company to do the necessary works which involve the construction of a culvert in the said area.
According to some of those affected, the workers commenced the project about seven weeks ago, just before the rainy period began.
“Rain was in the air when they came. I asked the guy why he was fast-tracking the work and not wait, and he told me later that he was just marking the work. Now because of this, we became flooded at parts under two feet of water. Look now and see the streets,” said one resident.
One man, who identified himself as Marks, told this newspaper that there appears to be some problems encountered between the Consultant and the Contractor of the project.
“The Consultant and Contractor can’t see eye-to-eye because they dig it too close to the road and the road start caving in. The Consultant recommended piling, that they should drive piles in the earth, so now the contract is stood up, held up. The people who fund it, some white people came, and spoke with us around the area and you could see they not pleased with the works,” said Marks.
A few other residents described the contractor as an arrogant man who allegedly said openly “Let they tek back the wuk ‘cause I only get $7M so far on it.”
Marks continued to explain that the contract awarded also caters for money to be spent to have an office set up at the site. This office is supposed to be equipped with a desk, chairs and a telephone. This did not materialize.
“This little office supposed to have cost them like $3M or $4M. It so small and don’t have anything inside. They suppose to give the

One of the damaged streets in Sarah Lodge, Stewartville

man telephone and all. But all the work hold up and the streets in bad conditions because of the works being incomplete,” added Marks.
Two Head teachers and a teacher in the village also complained to this publication about the situation.
“The problem is that it has been a while since they dug up, and a set of residential pipes have been damaged. I am not sure if all have been fixed but this was before rainy season and when the rain started they stop coming. It has been like this for the longest while. We were trying to make contact with the people but nobody coming to the site,” stated the teacher.
Kaieteur News was further told by one Head teacher that the contractor is not on site often.
“They had machines and more stuff here. They stopped work and moved out most of the stuff and now left the work. This isn’t right because when it rained and the streets got flooded, we had to wear long boots. The older folks had to be struggling and helped by people, and children punished. Some even came and swam in the high water,” the woman added.

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