Time running out on Mayor Green

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Dear Editor,
I make reference to an article penned by Rashleigh Jackson in Stabroek News January 21 captioned “An Interim Management Committee for the city could be a colonial aberration”.
In that letter he chided the government over the setting up of such a committee, because as he puts it, this would be tantamount to “a colonial aberration”. In essence what Jackson is telling the governing party is hands off, stay out of the city’s business.
What contempt! Because even if you had half a brain one should be concerned with the sad state of affairs that is Georgetown. It seems that the squalid sight of the capital city is an acceptable norm by this supposedly learned gentleman? What he is vainly trying to do is justify a former PNC comrade’s ineptitude by casting blame on the Government.
Why should the government feel comfortable with a garbage dump like Georgetown or why should they have pleasant thoughts of a mayor who does practicably nothing but make political gimmickry, one who makes frequent overseas trips at the drop of a hat. Why?    Does this make sense to me? Of course not. But presumably it does for Jackson? The real reason for such a contemptous appeal is that Jackson, like so many of his PNC hacks gloat in the idea of the capital city embarassing the government.
After all, Georgetown holds the seat of this country’s administration hence the sights, sounds however putrid and malodorous with crass cacophony, make the government look bad to any local or foreigner. It is their cheap way in gaining political mileage on the PPP/C run government.
Something has to be done and that time is now to bring an end to these sick people with their sick joke.
Neil  Adams

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